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ReZEL random pictures

Continuing my random pictures post xD Advertisements

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Unicorn Gundam random pictures

Sorry for the filler post, I’ve been busy with school work and real life stuff xD I was bored today and just felt like snapping a few pics of both Unicorns. Sadly I still haven’t continue with Zeta and it’s … Continue reading

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New loot!

My dad went to Singapore and I asked him to get me bioshock 2, god of war collections and god of war 3. Unfortunately he couldn’t find god of war collections BUT he surprised me by getting the special edition … Continue reading

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MG Zeta 2.0 WIP#2

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MG Zeta 2.0 WIP#1

Today I started working on MG Zeta 2.0 =D without a doubt my favourite gundam of all time ^^

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Driving lesson no.2!

Yesterday I had my first lesson and today I got my 2nd lesson! Yesterday I was really shaking though and very nervous. I didn’t go much yesterday and it was mostly being explained what each stuff in the car does. … Continue reading

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Today will finally be the day I start my first actual driving lesson. Took me forever to get a slot for the driving lessons since I passed my driving written law test 2 months ago? or wassit last month o.O … Continue reading

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