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I finally update. Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy AND lazy ><” Anyway, I just took a few photos of my first digirama, hope you all enjoy it =D Click on the picture below: Short Digirama

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OMG Perfect Grade 00 Gundam?!

According to Ngee Khiong’s blog, theres a Perfect Grade 00 Gundam under development!!! HOLY COW! I was expecting a PG Exia to come out first before 00 but this is surprising for me. Who knew a PG would come out … Continue reading

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Force Impulse has launched!

Woooohooo! Finally finished writing a review for force impulse. That was tiring! Probably around 130-ish pictures uploaded? Blah oh well, as always, click on the pic below or go to the Gundams tab. 1/100 Mg Force Impulse

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Forcing his way out~

o.O Lame title but who gives a crap Ahahahah 😄 Impulse is finally done so check out his W.I.P page or click on the picture below. The review isn’t up yet though since his decals/stickers and panel lines aren’t done. … Continue reading

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MG Exia Ignition Mode’s boxart

Just checked Ngee Khiong and he has exia ignition mode’s boxart up! It looks kinda bland though 😄 Exia repair behind him! Wooo!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this! LOL

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I rise, you fall!

AHhahahaha Optimus Prime’s quote that I remembered from the 2nd movie 😄 Anyway Impulse has legs now so yeah. Check it out~ 1/100 MG Force Impulse

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