Faiz Review

5-5-5, Standing by~

Kamen Rider Faiz, what an interesting rider. While Inui Takumi used the belt for most of the show, there are also a few other people who used it as well. Takumi himself is also an interesting character. He’s not as arrogant or badass as Tendou, but he’s got his moments.

The package is nicely coloured. It’s themed similar to the Faiz suit, black box with red letterings.

What can I say about the Faiz suit.. Well, the first thing you’ll notice is how bulky he looks. Compared to Kabuto who looks anorexic, Faiz here looks..well..fat. Ok that’s not entirely true. He looks meaty xD It’s almost accurate to the suit in the show though. There’s a lot of discussion about how disproportioned he is, but I don’t really mind it. Sure he has curvy thighs. Sure his head looks a little bit small compared to his body, and yeah I can see his ass shape, I’m ok with that 😀

Now that’s a lot of accessories included

3 pairs of hands. One holding the Faiz shot, one weapon holding hand, 2 calm open hands and 2 closed fists.

Faiz edge

3 different Faiz phones. One in normal phone mode, one in phone blaster mode and one in phone blaster mode with the Faiz pointer attached(never seen this used in the show?)

3 different Faiz Drivers. One with the phone and mission memory in it, one with the phone without a mission memory, and one empty one

And finally we have 2 different forms of the Faiz Pointer and the Faiz shot in its holster(which is attached the side of the belt)


Nice swirling pattern for the eyes. The shark motif can be seen on the helmet, with his “fangs” and shark fins.

Even the tiny vents on the side of the helmet are there. *thumbs up*

Nice arrow patterns are painted on each of the hands

Nice armour, belt and driver details(a little bit messy on the paint applications though)

Very nice detailing on the sole of the boots 😀

Overall detail is great with a couple of disappointments(discussed later on)


Sadly, only a 90 degree bend for the arm

Chest bend.

Leg spread

Kneeling pose can be achieved

Other articulation notes:
-Head can spin 360
-Usual shoulder SHF joint and pelvis joint.
-Rotation below the shoulder
-Foot has toe articulation and can bend side to side just like any other SHFs with a diecast foot.

Overall, pretty great articulation as expected of any SHF. Only disappointed part is the 90 degree bend.


Easily the most disappointing part is that because the red lines are painted, they can be scratched off easily if you don’t handle it carefully(no duh >.>)

While I was trying to do the crouching pose, I might’ve forced some of the leg to pose a bit too much and this made the thigh rub with the..crotch..area(man that sounds wrong) Anyway, please be careful when you pose with this figure and make sure you don’t rub the red paint lines with any of the body parts and you should be fine.

Another disappointment is that the fingertips aren’t painted silver. This is minor though.

One last disappointment is that the legs are wobbly and loose. Kind of annoying when I was trying to pose him in kicking poses.

The tiniest nitpick I can do is that they don’t give you a Faiz Driver with the phone flipped open to do exceed charges and the holster holding the Faiz Shot has no alternative when the Faiz Shot itself is removed, but these are SUPER TINY nitpicking that’s not really important ^^

Now, a Horse Orphenoch or Wolf Orphenoch S.H.Figuarts would be nice 😀

Action Poses:

1-0-3, Single Mode~
Exceed Charge~
Exceed Charge~
*flicks wrist*



18 Responses to Faiz Review

  1. bd77 says:

    Nice build and articulations, this.
    Oho, looks like you just made the animations as your trademark for your reviews. =D
    And also… his chest bending animation looks like he’s… either bowing down to show respect or… (if you put him near a wall) he’s banging his head onto a wall. XD

    • eighteleven says:

      Yup, I shall use them for all my reviews from now on ^^ (unless somehow I become really lazy to do them in the long run >.>)

      LOL I found the animation looking really weird xD

  2. Tom says:

    Does he flicks his wrist a lot in his show? Even I didn’t get that reference when Z reviewed this.

  3. TAKET0MB0 says:

    Nice animations to show the flexibility!
    Haha i love that bending one too XD

  4. RoyVF1 says:

    hahahha, i really like the way you use the animated gif to review your figuarts.

    ooh about the feet, they’re diecast? cuz i heard hyper kabuto and dark kiva/emperor dont have those die cast feet.

    • eighteleven says:

      Yup, Faiz’s feet are diecast. Hyper Kabuto and Dark Kiva/Emperor aren’t.

      I dunno if this applies to all of them but if you see SHF with bending foot using a ball joint, then it’s most likely not diecast, whereas those that bend using a swivel joint are most likely diecast. I’m not 100% sure on this though but that’s what I’ve noticed for my SHFs

      • RoyVF1 says:

        Aaah i see thanks man! yeah i know, my first ever SHF, Another Agito doesnt have those diecast feet,still a great figure though

        alright, time to pick up the upcoming accel and blaster form, faiz is one of my fav heisei rider after all

      • eighteleven says:

        No prob ^^ Diecast feet don’t really detract from a figure if it’s a great looking one ;D

        While Kabuto still remains my favourite, Faiz comes a close second due to his awesome set of gadgets. A phone henshin device is just way too cool 😀

  5. Marzz says:

    A review of my favourite rider! Thumbs up! And I haven’t got him yet… ORZ
    But in April, they are gonna release the Faiz Blaster form! WOOHOO!

    • eighteleven says:

      Ahhh, so he’s your favourite rider eh? ;D

      Yup, I saw the pictures, he looks awesome! Now to wait for an announcement of Faiz Axel, and hopefully they’ll release an SHF Horse Orphenoch(which I’m most likely sure would be an exclusive just like the dopants, if they ever release him that is xD)

  6. rndm says:

    I notice another upgrade in your reviewing skills! *thumbs up*
    Nice review! That reminds me that I should review my own Faiz soon… (SIC Kiwami)

  7. White Angel says:

    Faiz is inspired from a shark=)

  8. gunpla4ever says:

    so…. are you buying the SHF blaster faiz? In the future

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