1/100 MG Buster Gundam Review


The Buster Gundam, a mobile suit specialising in artillery or long range attacks. I fell in love with this mobile suit while watching seed for the first time. Totally dig those 2 huge side mounted cannons. I always wanted to buy a model kit for this gundam but waited just in case a master grade was released. Lo and behold, it did! So let’s cut the talking short and get straight to the review shall we?

P1110088P1100996 P1100997 P1100998 P1100999 P1110001 P1110002 P1110003 P1110004 P1110006 P1110007 P1110008

The build was pretty fun! A different experience compared to the usual “hero” units. The colours are interesting too. The white used on this kit isn’t exactly the normal white that we’re used to with the main suits. There’s also the orange and militaristic green, which totally shows that it’s not a typical mobile suit.


There weren’t any difficulty while building this master grade, everything was pretty smooth sailing. Went with some of the stickers and opted out using the dry transfer as I felt too lazy. Used a mix of pencil and gundam marker to panel line. The channels were deep enough for most of the panels and only some were shallow. The foil stickers that were used are: the eyes, front and rear head camera lens, shoulder camera lens and the lens for the high-energy rifle.


The articulation for this kit is great. The arms and the legs can both almost reach 180 degrees of bend since they are double jointed. The toe bends up and down, the head is mostly unrestricted and the most articulated part of this model kit is the weapon attachment arms.

P1110024 P1110027 P1110031


Cockpit revealed. There’s a tiny figure of Dearka in there.

P1110021 P1110022

What is Buster Gundam without his weapons?

P1110032 P1110034

On his left, a 94mm High-Energy Rifle.

P1110035 P1110036

On his right, a 350mm Gun Launcher.


Mounted on each shoulder, 220mm 6-barrel Missile Pods.

Both side “guns” can be combined to form either a Long Range Sniper Rifle or an Anti-Armour Shotgun.

Overall, I think he’s a great model kit. Definitely get him if you like the mobile suit or if you liked watching Seed. For casual people, he’s got 2 huge cannons. If you like big guns get him. If you’re into swords or close range combat, steer clear from this guy since he has NO close range weapons. I’ll end my review with some action shots. Till next time!

P1110046 P1110045 P1110043P1110047 P1110050  P1110057

Sniper Combination

Sniper Combination

P1110061 P1110063

Shotgun Combination

Shotgun Combination

P1110072 P1110079 P1110080 P1110084


5 Responses to 1/100 MG Buster Gundam Review

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  2. bd77 says:

    Hooooo~! Finally. An update (sort of) to your blog.
    Buster is indeed an interesting kit.

  3. darkandchoco says:

    Nice build there! 😀 He has a pretty neat armament there! =3

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