Kabuto Review

Walking the path of heaven, the man who will rule everything..

Here’s the first review of 2011, S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto, from my favourite KR series, Kamen Rider Kabuto. The show itself was awesome, with plenty of rider action, interesting characters, not to mention one of my favourite character, Tendou Souji stealing most of the spotlight, with his badass and arrogant attitude.

Cast Off! Change..Beetle!

Kabuto is awesome. I absolutely love his suit design, especially the blue eyes. Another reason could be that I love red and black as a combo colour scheme on anything. Yes, this review will probably be a bit biased, so you have been warned ^^

Let’s go over accessories:

3 pairs of hands are included. Closed Fists, Weapon holding hands and open palms. Also included is the all important hand that points to the heavens, it would’ve been a sin to leave this one out.

2 weapons included, Kabuto Kunai Axe Gun and the Kunai form

Just the right amount of accessories he needs. All the important ones are accounted for, especially that pointing to the heaven posing hand. Kabuto fights with his fists most of the time but the weapons do appear once in awhile. Both weapons are nicely painted and detailed *thumbs up*


Very very nice compound eyes. It’s kind of like a brick pattern and the clear blue plastic over it looks gorgeous! I can look at those eyes all day xD

The Kabuto zecter is nicely detailed, would’ve been awesome to be able to flip the horn, but nonetheless, it’s still nice.

The soles of the boots are detailed as well

The back of each hands have some kind of pattern on them so no details were left out

Lots of line patterns all around his body so his suit isn’t just a normal smooth black suit

Really nice detailing on the weapons 😀


Head can tilt up a bit, and can look down really well

The head can tilt to the side that much

OMG WTF?! Kabuto’s evil secret form??

Naww, that’s just the back of Kabuto’s helmet. Yes his head can spin 360 degrees.

Shoulder pads can flip up. Arms go out that far. 180 bend and rotation below the shoulder.

Body can bend back and forth that much

The body can tilt to the side that much

Pelvis joint swings up and down

Maximum leg spread.                                     Maximum Knee bend.

The tip of the foot can tilt up and down, the foot itself is connected to the left via a ball joint and that joint connects to the foot with a swivel mechanism. Very articulated foot 😀

Overall articulation is simply awesome. Thumbs up for a very articulated figure. He can do just about any pose you want him to do other than the full splits

Action Poses:

What more can I say? This is an excellent figure in and of itself. Great articulation, wonderful details, great paintjob, nice accessories, great representation of the source material. If you like the show then you should already have this. If you have even the slightest bit of interest in the show or the figure, then by all means get this. You won’t regret it. If you never liked Kabuto’s design then this figure won’t change your mind. All in all, I’m absolutely satisfied with this figuarts and I don’t regret one bit getting it.

There is only one name in the world that you must remember. Walking the path of Heaven… the man who will rule over all


15 Responses to Kabuto Review

  1. bd77 says:

    Quite an impressive range of articulation there, then again, its a SHF series.

    Oooh… animated articulation images, eh? You just raised the level of figure reviewing there, I see.

    It WON’T be your last as you have, what, a whole WALL of Kamen Rider figures to go~!
    Myahahahaha. :3

    • eighteleven says:

      Yup, SHF does not disappoint on articulation.

      Animated articulation, just wanted to keep things fresh ^^

      orz I’ll have to watch faiz and agito if I wanna review them properly since I haven’t watched either xD

  2. chubbybots says:

    Buahaha I hope this isn’t your last kamen rider review. Even though I am not really a fan of Kamen Rider but your review is top notch!!! Animated articulation gifs are a nice touch!

    I love the back ground and lighting that you used. Very nice! Mind sharing a bit of the lighting set up? hehe.

    • eighteleven says:

      I made those animated articulation to keep people entertained when viewing articulation sections xD

      Really? The back ground is just my food table mat o.o and the lighting? Nothing special, it’s just the fluorescent light on the ceiling at my dining area. I didn’t use any additional lights LOL Perhaps it’s the effect of the shiny background and different shutter speed/aperture settings that I played around with?

  3. White Angel says:

    i like the figure more than the SIC =) and i have just started watching Kabuto last few days and the poison has already spread. the temptation to get this SHF will grow more and more hohoho

    • eighteleven says:

      Same here, I’m not really a fan of the SIC versions since they look too different from the show counterpart, but that’s just my opinion since I know some people love the different look.

      Ah, good choice watching Kabuto. It’s a really great show *thumbs up* Go get the SHF if you can find one. I hear he’s getting harder and harder to find

      • me says:

        yeap it is getting harder to find as the number of fans are growing and if they make MG kabuto or decade i will definitely BUY!!! huhu.

        SIC looks SCARY!!!!

  4. RoyVF1 says:

    hahahha poor thebee

    Nice review man, love how you animate the articulation range this figure has

    sadly, this figure is pretty rare nowadays 😦

  5. rockleelotus says:

    this is an awesome review! mixing in animations to show articulation is a great idea, and the photo quality is top notch. some of the action pose shots made my jaw drop, and the shiny patterned backdrop really added a nice touch.

    i would buy an SHF kabuto after reading this if i didnt already have one haha love the clock up and rider kick shots! keep these great reviews coming 😀

    • eighteleven says:

      Thanks man, animations keep the review more entertaining ;D

      Ooo, do you have the SHFs of all the riders from kabuto? I’ve seen Gatack, Kickhopper and Punchhopper from your nendo Saber & Saber lion post xD

  6. Marzz says:

    Kabuto’s a pretty good series to watch, with a unique, badass Tendou character. XD
    SHF Kabuto is a pretty good figurine to have, very fun to play with.
    And I haven’t reviewed him yet! ARGH!

  7. rndm says:

    Nice review! Like how you decided to use stop motion for those shots. ^^

    Hm… Kabuto. Wonder if it will have a SIC Kiwami version? I don’t plan to get a SHF (since they are area bit pricey) but Kabuto is one of my more favorite riders. XP

    • eighteleven says:

      Thank you 😀

      SHFs are around the same price of Robot Damashii right? 😛 You should definitely get Kabuto in SHF form if your budget allows it, especially since he’s one of your fav riders, unless you like the more detailed SIC/Kiwami versions that is xD

      Somehow I saw an RD Eva costing SGD89 while most SHFs I see cost 50ish. Issit normal for an RD to cost that much? Or was that price just jacked up ._. I was really contemplating on getting that Eva but alas the price was too high for me LOL or maybe that’s just the price at Takashimaya >.>

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