Double Reds?

So here’s the other 2 kits that I’ve finished building. I also finished another one today though but haven’t taken any pics of it at all, gonna try and do that tomorrow if possible ^^

What does the title have to do with anything? Because both kits have red on them.

First up:

Oho? No guesses necessary right?


I painted the gold parts with my gold gundam marker, although not a clean job, it’s way better looking to me than the default glossy yellow that bandai decided to give us.

Used no stickers for this build. Painted the eyes using a green gundam marker and the black using the same black gundam marker that I use for panel lining xD Also painted the head camera(?) part with green gundam marker. This is my first time ever painting in the eyes of a gundam! So exciting! LOL

Panel lined every single detail I could see…well..almost every one of them anway LOL Painted in the rings on the pistons(?) with gold gundam marker sadly I had no nice looking silver paint lying around to paint in the pistons themselves T.T”(I had some but was too lazy to handbrush ^^). The gold that spilled on some of the black cockpit hatch has been cleaned up after the pics were taken xD

After a day’s work, Head completed. Katana completed. Body inner frame completed.

The next day..

Armour pieces finally put onto the upper body inner frame. Since I’m going for a no sticker build, I decided to paint those those red thingies above his chest plate. The should have made those separate pieces man! Make it like the perfect grade >.> LOL

Awesome. Freaking awesome details beneath all those armour. I never realised how much details there were on the inner frame of this kit when I was building blue frame since I didn’t panel line them, so I overlooked them but now that I try and panel lined each and every one of those details, I finally realise and appreciate them! And look at that bend! With all those smooth joints working together to move each other, nice natural looking bend ^^ I just realised I took no photos of the legs with the armour parts on o.O!?

Again, more panel lining for the inner frame and I painted the fingers with white gundam marker. More appreciation for the inner frame details! Wooo~

I might’ve panel lined abit too thick. Omg have I turned into dalong!? LOL It doesn’t look that thick in real life though >.> These pics are lies I tells ya! Lies!!! xD

More awesome details behind the vents of the shoulder armour

With armour parts on! It doesn’t look that much different really, since the inner frame is pretty much shown throughout the gundam, hence the name gundam astray red FRAME

He looks badass even with just one arm!

And with the 2nd arm installed, Simply Badass!

Sorry for the blurriness. I have no idea what I was doing that time LOL xD

You might be asking..Where’s the tactical arms and the 2nd katana? My answer:

I don’t need them. I only wanted a basic red frame in master grade form ^^ So only 1 katana and that’s it. I might build the other katana on a random day but the tactical arms? Not very likely xD And no I don’t think I’ve wasted my money because I’m fully satisfied with just this configuration =D

So onto the next “red”:

What’s this?!

Aye! If I built unicorn mode, you betcha that I’ll build the destroy mode soon enough too ^^

Painted in the eyes  and painted the fin with yellow marker since the original fin was more orangey >.> Painted the ..erm..thingies on his..uhh..shoulder…what the flip are those man!? vulcans?! I painted those damn things with white and I didn’t realise that in some pictures its not actually fully white. Damnit I didn’t know I was supposed to leave more psychoframe unpainted. It’s all bandai’s fault for giving us lousy stickers to put on them @_@ I’ve also painted the head camera and the beam magnum’s camera with green gundam marker and sharpened the V-fin, cutting off the nubs and sanding them nicely..and painting the back part of the v-fin with white as seen in most pictures xD

Brothers united! o.O!? Hmm Unicorn’s white looks more grey now, maybe I shouldn’t have panel lined him and rubbed off the grey lining onto the white. Bleh oh well.

Tadaa! green eyes and white backing for the v-fin~

And blue eyes for his brother~ Huzzah!

Those are the missiles that I’ve painted red for Unicorn mode.

Unicorn Series HGUC..ATTACK!!

S.J and Unicorn concentrate attack on a single enemy while Unicorn DM(Destroy Mode) defends them.

Unicorn DM leads the way to awesomeness! xD

Meh..was trying to do the final shot pose orz
I’ll try a better one next time xD

xD hope you don’t mind again rndm ^^

Well those are all the kits that I’ve built during my 4 week disappearance. I’ve actually finished building a 5th one but I just finished it today and I totally forgot to take WIP photos of it yet again. So expect it sometime tomorrow or the next day..hopefully xD


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16 Responses to Double Reds?

  1. moemoekyun says:

    so who is the 5th one ???

  2. bd77 says:

    Your Red Frame is goood…

    LoL. Stark Jegan has fishing issues. XD

  3. zoidiect says:

    they shall never go fishing again…

    (but i will XD)

  4. rndm says:

    ROFL! The Unicorn brothers are now afraid to go fishing.
    And, urgh, et tu Faddy with the Astray Red Frame… then again, since I haven’t got a chance to get my own I was able to do my XN00R12S/2G combo. XD

  5. Syful says:

    hahahah i wonder what would jegan do with the fishing idea

  6. John says:

    cool red frame but build the tactical arms man i want to see a review of it and i personally feel you should build it cause it looks more cool than you give credit for it

    • eighteleven says:

      I don’t like the look of tactical arms on the red just doesn’t look right. To me the TA should be specific to blue frame, and blue frame only. Yes it does look cool..but it’s very hard to pose with, just check out my blue frame review to see the TA in action since it’s pretty much the same, without the bow and arrow configuration.

      But for the review, I guess I’m gonna try and include the TA and 2nd katana if possible xD

  7. White Angel says:

    fishing for what Mr Jegan???? hehehehehe

  8. Garuda says:

    Fad i completely agree with u hahaha
    when Bandai announce the Red frame with 2 katanas and the tactical arms, i said WTF.Tactical arms should only be given to Blue frame

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