1/100 MG Shining Gundam Review


Ahem, Excuse me. LOL

That is, afterall Domon’s favourite thing to say when he wants to call out his gundam xD

Front Shot

The Shining Gundam is Domon’s first mobile suit in the anime G Gundam, which has gundams beating the shit out of each other using martial arts and super powers and whatnot. It’s such an awesome/cheesy/corny anime that fans would have their mind BLASTED watching it as the surge of insanity rushes through. OK that’s just over exaggerating. Anyway, to those who has never watched G Gundam, Domon usually would snap his fingers and yell out “Gundam” at the top of his voice and OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE, Shining Gundam would then appear. He comes out from so many random places including mountains, rivers, statues, you name it.

Side shot

What makes Shining Gundam so powerful compared to the other fighter’s gundams is that it has a special attack where his hands become glowing green and he just grabs the head of another gundam, destroying the head with the powerful heat from his hands. Hardcore!!

Side shot 2

Another interesting thing to note is that Gundams in G gundam are controlled not by using the traditional joystick/pedal/buttons configuration. The pilots themselves wear some special suit and goes into the gundam. What does this suit do? It allows the gundam to fully mimic every single action the pilot does. Isn’t that awesome!? So if Domon wants to do a punch or an uppercut, all he has to do is do the movement and Shining Gundam will follow whatever he just did. Freaking awesome!

Back shot


He comes with a couple of accessories as shown in the pic below:

He comes with 2 beams for the beam saber(1 short beam and 1 long beam). He comes with 2 separate mask pieces when he goes into super mode. He comes with a pair of hands for holding the beam sabers and a pair of kung fu chopping-type hands and finally 2 beam saber handles(1 short handle and 1 long handle)

That’s all for weapons and accessories. Since he’s a close combat mobile suit, he doesn’t use any beam rifles or bazookas etc.


The head can rotate a full 360 degrees easily. The neck has the chicken motion of back and forth(which I forgot to take a pic of sorry xD)

Arms can rotate a full 360 too since there are no obstructions

Arms can swing out 90 degrees

Shoulder pads are connected to the arm via polycap and a peg on the arm

Arms can be pushed forward as shown

This is how it looks like from the front. Funky~

There is rotation below the shoulder which can go 360 degrees

Arms are double jointed but cannot go fully 180 degrees because of the wrist armor thingy

Wrist armor can rotate 360 degrees(Didn't realise it was about to pop off as you can see xD)

The upper body is connected to the waist by a ball joint and can rotate side to side only that far

The body can rock side to side that much

The body can lean forward up to that much. It can lean back only abit

The core lander connects to the back through a hole and clicks into place

The front chest part has abit of mobility...

...as shown here. This is to allow the folding arms pose easily

Front skirts can swing up to that high

The side skirts can only rotate around since it connects directly by a ball joint

Back skirts can swing back abit

Shining gundam can only dream of doing the splits xD

Legs can go up that high until it is obstructed by the front skirt

Not alot of back kick can be achieved because of the rear skirt armor

Legs are double jointed and can fold up that much

The ankles can roll around abit and move side to side that much

This master grade is pretty articulated for an old model. This is possible because of the “action frame” which is basically the foundation for the newer inner skeletons seen today on all master grades. The joints are mostly secured by screws but mine’s pretty lose since I couldn’t screw them in properly. I guess I’m just a noob that way. Let’s move on to posing.




This hand of mine glows with an awesome power, Its burning grip tells me to defeat you..


Wooo~ The hands do glow with an awesome..glow LOL it’s probably due to my lighting I guess? xD

+Pretty well articulated
+Joints have screws which makes it hold poses longer(if you screw it in properly)
+Has rubber soles on the bottom of the feet! More stability?
+SHINING FINGAA!! Nuff’ said

-Doesn’t come with alot of accessories
-Joints will be super loose if you don’t screw in the screws properly(like mine T.T”)
-Does not come with any noteworthy decals or stickers
-Black stripes on the front skirt and ankle guard are stickers
-Rubber fists?! Wtf

Hmm, this is a pretty good model kit if you know how to screw the screws properly. The pros and cons might seem evenly matched but the cons are pretty much just minor nitpicks, nothing major. He doesn’t really need any other extra accessories since he just focuses on hand to hand combat. I wished the yellow parts were gold but then we can’t have everything right? So, for 2500 yen(around US$25/BND$40-50?) this model is well worth the money. Now if only God gundam was easier to find..


Shining Gundam
Lukas’ Strike E



Left punch!!





Bring it!

Lukas Charging Shoulder bash!

Right Hook!


This hand of mine glows with an awesome power! Its burning grip tells me to defeat you!!


Victory is mine!

And the winner is Shining Gundam!!

While walking away, Domon encounters a box in the middle of nowhere..

"Huh..why is this box empty?"

~The end~


31 Responses to 1/100 MG Shining Gundam Review

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  2. bd77 says:

    You forgot (when decap Lukas’s Strike): HEEEETTO~! EEEEEENNNNND~! *BOOOOOM~!*

    Ohh… Will Domon be defeated by a hot-blooded Sanda? Stay tuned for further episodes.

  3. eighteleven says:

    bd77: Thanks xD and yeah If I remember correctly, God gundam would use god finger to punch through the mobile suit and then he’ll use heat end to make them explode. As far as Shining gundam goes, he uses shining finger to grab the other gundams’ heads and then make the heads explode xD

    If my info is wrong, then would anyone please kindly correct me, cause I don’t wanna embarass myself with wrong information LOL

  4. moemoekyun says:

    sanda kick domon A*s this time
    gundam of gundams is nothing than junk lol

  5. rockleelotus says:

    lol nice end

    i have to say he looks awesome with the red face mask and glowing hands… they really do look like they are glowing!

    • eighteleven says:

      xD thanks! And yeah, he looks way more awesome with the red face. I loved how the hands glowy effect turned out, I wonder if I can still replicate the effect the next time I try it xD

  6. bd77 says:

    The glowing reminds me to one of my old shots of this guy:

    Happened by accident… But nice. 😀

  7. eighteleven says:

    bd77: Ah, cool! Have you tried it again to see if the effect works? xD and yeah I noticed it was a PG when I saw the fingers were individually jointed =P

  8. chubbybots says:

    Haha sweet review dude. Loving your pictures!! Very nicely taken! I love your opening picture!!!

    And having yukimura jumping out at the last moment, that was priceless!!! But I am rooting for Shinning gundam to win ^^ Maybe you can have a gundam vs yukimura fight for the next post!!

  9. rndm says:

    Yay~ You finally reviewed your Shining Gundam. ^^

    Too bad it was it doesn’t have leg articulation of the MGs of today or we’ll be able to see some great kicking action. XP

    Hrm, no matter how I see it the hands looks like they are really glowing. Cool~ #_#

    Now, I wonder how Domon will fare against Sanada?

  10. Marzz says:

    And here i thought char would have his revenge…

  11. heathorn says:

    Yukimra VS shining gundam…
    Now that reminds me of this vid

  12. Haha, nice, uhhh… comic strip you got there XD

  13. Z says:

    Awesome! *links*

  14. Jordan Ravena says:

    Nice! This review not just gave anyone information about the articulation but it also featured a mini -episode. Its hilarious :D.
    I agree, not too many accessories though, even the God Gundam. God Gundam has the Heat End, Shining had only the Shining Finger Sword.

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