MG Zeta 2.0 WIP#1

Today I started working on MG Zeta 2.0 =D without a doubt my favourite gundam of all time ^^

I just LOVE zeta’s design out of any gundam design I know. It’s so sleek and awesome looking xD and it’s also one of the few gundams that does not have a red chin, quite unique heheh

Well today I only did the head since I’m gonna try and take it slow and really give all my effort since this is after all my favourite mobile suit. I didn’t panel line the face part though since in my opinion, the black lines make it look weird, I like the faceplate looking clean instead ^^

Parts I painted are the eyes, head cameras and the side vents of the head. Used green gundam marker from an SD marker set for the eyes, black panel lining marker for the outer part of the eyes, inner part of the vulcans and panel lines. Used clear blue paint for the front head camera and blue gundam marker from the SD marker set for the back head camera. Finally I used silver chrome for the vents.

Love the little details especially that small Z logo on the forehead jewel. Used a black marker over it and rubbed off the excess so that the Z logo stood out more ^^

Unfortunately the rear head camera isn’t a clear part unlike the front camera, so using clear blue wouldn’t have been as effective.

Look! Bunny eared zeta! LOL I love how the front camera shines when light hits it

Hahahahahahha Just randomly felt like grabbing my HGUC unicorn and inserting Zeta’s head on it LOL xD The head doesn’t really fit though since the ball joint is too short and small I guess

I might continue building the body later though but that’s if I have the mood and energy to continue. See you guys on the next WIP ;D


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14 Responses to MG Zeta 2.0 WIP#1

  1. bd77 says:

    Oh… An MG Zeta 2.0, a big improvement over the older Zeta sculpt. And… This just the head… =_=

    Oh lol’ed, first we have the Zaku-Zeta, and now… a… Zeta-Unicorn MS… ^^;;;

    p.s. YOU’RE ALIVE~!

  2. divinelight says:

    Zeta face is better than the others, like that.

  3. Garuda says:

    So thats his name been looking for this Gundam since last year hahaha…where you bought it?

  4. Marzz says:

    At least this isn’t so insulting as the Zaku-Zeta, lol.
    Kamille must have been turning in his bed when Zaku-Zeta showed up!

  5. keionfan says:

    …………… Never watch Zeta but …. look odd on Unicorn body.

  6. heathorn says:

    LOL, unicorn zeta is indeed WTF XD

    that reminds me, a friend got this zeta but he was too busy and he offered to give to me that time, but I said no….. What have I done…..

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