Short digirama with my first 4 gundam models

Gahahaha I was bored so I tried out some random digirama I guess. Also needed to update this blog since I haven’t posted anything for so yeah, Enjoy =D

Starring: Strike Noir
Force Impulse
Wing Ver ka

Hahhaahhaha Freedom’s always the victim. Such a sad role eh? xD He’ll always be my first gundam built though so he’s special in that way =)

Thanks for viewing. Have a great day


7 Responses to Short digirama with my first 4 gundam models

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  2. jojosochi says:

    Nice shoot Gundam Wing 😉 good job bro. Hope vicky didn’t see this post, if not she will cry.. before of the Freedom die.. haha..

    Are you joining David John Freebie v6?

  3. JiE #16 says:

    LOLS!!! Freedom is like Kenny~
    haha kenny always dies 😛

  4. jac says:

    woa damm loll awesome xpp royal gold blocks indeed. No wonder the laser dint penetrate.

  5. chubbybots says:

    haha nice digirama dude. I’ll try out one for myself next time ^^. Nice kits you have by the way.

  6. eighteleven says:

    lol thanks chubbybots, and good luck when you do try your own digirama =)

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