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Sweeett~~ Now anyone wanna sponsor me 380US to buy this on ebay? HAHAHAHA xD Advertisements

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KR Knight has eyes!?

I Just started watching Kamen Rider Ryuki(episode 4 now) and I never noticed it but I never knew Knight had eyes LOL. I thought his visor was just fully black. If they make an S.H.F of Knight, hopefully they include … Continue reading

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I know the Japanese create weird and random things but this, this just looks so whack! Watch the videos at your own risk. Lots of disturbing scenes. Definitely not intended for kids.

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2010 in review

Since everyone’s posting theirs up, I might as well do the same xD

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Well, my friend..somehow.. influenced(more like forced ._.) me to get a tumblr since he wanted to have something to read while he was bored, and he’s not the type to find entertainment in reading figure stories and gundam stuff so … Continue reading

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Oh ma balls!

Sweet mother of all gunpla! That thing looks sickass awesome o.o I hope it’s as bling as bling can go. I want my eyes bloody blinded by this beast Bandai! You hear me! Blind people with the gold blings!!(Imagine if … Continue reading

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Break Blade

Epic opening song! LOL

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