1/100 MG Char’s Zaku 2.0 Review

The boxart

I guess this model kit doesn’t need any introduction. It’s the famous Red Comet’s zaku version 2.0! How did Char get his nickname the red comet? Well he used this Zaku to obliterate 5 magellan-class battleships LOL and if I’m not mistaken within a short time span too? xD

Why did I buy this model kit? Well it was because I bought the RX78-2 and everyone knows if you buy that, you need to get Char’s Zaku, in any shape or form! LOL

I tried to copy the boxart's pose xD

Construction on this guy wasn’t that difficult. The difficulty for me mostly came from those energy cables/tubes. They’re such a pain to build even though they have improved on it since the old kits(I can’t imagine how hard building the energy cables/tubes on  those older kits were)

Ok so, let’s move onto the review shall we?

Front shot

Side shot

Back shot

Other side shot

As you can see, I added some weathering on him using drybrush method. Didn’t use any stickers or decals. I didn’t topcoat him either and this made the weathering start to fade off abit and the silver from his foot kind of rubbed onto my new black background @_@


All master grade mono-eyed mobile suits have this gimmick where their eye will slowly turn following the head. It’s quite an interesting gimmick that makes them kinda scary as they start staring at you~ WoOoOo~ LOL

The mono-eye turns along with the head

See what I mean?

If you carefully pull the head up abit more, it can do a full 360 turn

The head/helmet is connected to this piece that connects to the body on a ball joint. So the head has quite a few wiggle/rotate articulation.

Both shoulder spike and shield are connected to the arm by a very interesting connector

They can fully rotate and wiggle around too! Since the connectors themselves connect to the arm on a ball joint, they kinda loosen over time

Arm can rotate 360 without any problems

There is rotation below the shoulder and it can spin 360 easily

Arm is double jointed and can bend that far, almost a full 180. It's just that the shoulder spike is obstructing it from achieving a full 180

Arm can bend out a teeny bit higher than 90 degrees

There's a joint just before the wrist that gives it a very slight wiggle articulation

Wrist is on a ball joint, allowing it to wiggle and rotate without any obstructions

Thumb is on a ball joint, others are also ball jointed but also mid-jointed to allow more articulation. Last 3 fingers are connected below the mid-joint

With such articulated fingers, the "Rock On!" sign can be done easily. Or is that a "W" o.O?!

The shoulders can be pushed out

This is how it looks like from above

What I don’t really like about the joints for the arm is that the shoulders are connected to the body by a ball joint, while the shoulders themselves use polycap. Although this does give alot of articulation, with a lot of usage, the joints become loose and then they won’t be able to hold the poses in the future =[

If you pull the body up abit you can rotate it a full 360 but you have to be extra careful with the front/side/rear skirts

The upper body can lean forward that far

Since the body is on a ball joint which connects to the waist, it can bend side to side abit

Front skirts move up that far

Side skirts can move back..

..as shown here

Rear skirt can move upwards that far

There's a small flap thet can be pulled down/out. This is where the bazooka can be stored

All the skirts are connected by ball joints in some form or another.

The thrusters are on a ball joint while those joints connect to the backpack which allows them to go up and down

The leg can go upwards that high. Blue frame wants to have a word with you Zaku xD

They can go back around that much. Not really that far, the joint on the leg just won't allow them to go back alot

Legs are double jointed allowing them to bend that much, the leg armour blocks it from reaching a 180 degrees bend

Legs can rotate a full 360 degrees easily

Legs can bend outwards almost fully! Come on Zaku, do the splits! xD

The power cables on the legs are on a spring.(Man I need to cut my nails @_@)

Foot can bend and wiggle around abit

The foot can bend upwards like most master grades

Yup, it can do a kneeling pose no problem

Well, the legs are pretty awesome. They connect to the waist via a peg on each leg and this is better than the ball joint/polycap arms xD

Overall, articulation is great! Almost all the parts can either do the full 360/180/90 that they’re supposed to do which is good! With great articulation comes great playability ahem I mean poseability hahahah but like what Exia has taught us, too much articulation leads to loose joints. So far so good on the Zaku though. Let’s move on to the weapons


Heat Hawk type5

Like all his weapons, they all have slots which connects to the peg on the palm

ZMP-50D/120 mm machine gun

Drum fed, 100 rounds per drum

H&L-SB25K/280mmA-P Zaku bazooka

4 round magazine

Weapon Gimmicks:

The machine gun's scope can swivel around while the drum magazine can be detached. The front handle can swivel from left to right

The bazooka's scope and handle swivels too

The scope has a cap to keep it from harm and dirt~ although my scope looks busted as hell already xD

Zaku fully armed

3 weapons altogether. His heat hawk is kinda tiny though, I mean shouldn’t Char get a bigger heat hawk or something xD Overdid the weathering on the bazooka and the heat hawk. I think the machine gun was quite successful though, including the clear red painted scope 😀

Posing Time:

Hand to hand combat:

Heat Hawk:

Machine Gun:

Zaku Bazooka:

-Great Articulation
-Not that expensive
-It’s Char’s Zaku
-It’s pinkish red
-Can pull off many ground and aerial poses with ease
-Nub marks are pretty well hidden
-Cool mono-eye gimmick
-Comes with a small lift vehicle for Char to get on his Zaku (was too lazy to build)
-Has a gimmick that allows the cockpit to switch between left or right(forgot to show this, sorry)

-Arm is connected to the body by a ball joint
-Some parts will get loose/sag
-The annoying nub mark on his helmet that you can see on most of the close up shots
– Scope parts are not painted(minor setback only)
-Energy cables are a pain to assemble for a first-timer building a Zaku xD

Final Thoughts:

Well what can I say? He’s an awesome model kit! If you’re a true gunota, you should get this! Your collection would not be complete without this kit and RX78-2.  Most of the cons that I have stated are just minor gripes. The lift vehicle is a cool little extra that they added. I was too lazy to build though. I also forgot to show the gimmick where the cockpit can switch sides. Heck I forgot to show how the cockpit hatch slides up to show Char @_@ if you guys would like to see that, then please leave a comment and I’ll try my best to update this review with that gimmick added in.

To buy or not to buy? Like I’ve always said, depends. You shouldn’t really judge your purchase on one review, so it’s better to do your research before purchasing anything. I recommend this kit though. If you never liked the first gundam series then I guess don’t buy this kit or RX78-2, if they’re too retro for you. I’m quite satisfied with this kit and I don’t think anyone would have a problem with it at all 🙂

Here’s a short little random story, sorry if the effects seem overdone. I’m still a noob at adding effects and I was on a effect-click-spree a few hours ago LOL

Char was happily flying in his superman pose

When suddenly..

Char: Hmm? What’s this pressure?? It feels like Amuro’s pressure but..something’s different about it..

An Unknown mobile suit suddenly had it's attention caught by the flying Char's Zaku

Unknown: I wonder who that is..

Char's Zaku lands with a thump

*Wipes off dirt*

*Char notices the white mobile suit*

Char: You...

Char: Who the hell are you?!

Unicorn: I'm Unicorn gundam

Char: Smart talker eh? I wanted your name noob!

Char: Prepare yourself!


Char: Huh?!


Unicorn: Sigh, I'm dealing with an idiot


Char: Hey wachu doin?!

Unicorn: Get up you moron!

Char: Let me go!! Or fear the wrath of my..

..mini Char PAWNCHH!

Char: Noone messes with the Red Comet!


Unicorn: ^*#)(^%@*(&# Stupid pink zaku!

Unicorn: That's it! I've had enough with this stupid idiot!



Char: Yeahh~ Who's the strongest mobile suit around..

Char: ...huh?



Unicorn: Mwahahahha!

Char: Char's secret CROTCH KICK!


Unicorn: sadfdgfkjlfsj PAIINNNN~



Unicorn is knocked out cold!

Char: May he rest peacefully. He was a good patriot~(WTF?! LOL)

Char: Now Amuro, Get your ass out of that box now!


Domon: What I gotta do to get my review up? Beat up this noob zaku painted in pinkish red?!

Char: Nani!??!? Who you calling noob, you small fry!!



Domon: HERE I GO!




Char: WTF?! I got owned in 3 hits!


LOL Domon kicked Char’s ass so badly o.o

Hope you guys enjoyed this review 😀 I think there’s too many photos though. Comments are always appreciated. Criticism will be always be accepted and Tips will be gladly welcomed. It’s 3 AM now and I’m gonna freaking sleep till I wake up in the next century!!


17 Responses to 1/100 MG Char’s Zaku 2.0 Review

  1. chubbybots says:

    Haha loved the skit at the end dude!!! Love all those effects!!! You really put photoscape to good use!! But some of your pictures at the start are too big and they kind of got cut at one point ^^; You might want to resize some of them. Nevertheless Char rocks 😀 Zieg Zeon!

    • eighteleven says:

      Whoops, thanks for pointing those out, I’ll resize them immediately. Actually I accidentally put Shining gundam vs zaku at the beginning @_@ It was 3am anyway, must’ve been really tired LOL

  2. eighteleven says:

    chubbybots: There, fixed the post 😀
    Actually, your posts were the one that motivated me to use photoscape effects a lot more 😉 so my thanks goes to you hahahha


  3. bd77 says:

    Hehe. Good review of the Zaku II 2.0.

    What really gets me is the story afterwards (a bit underhanded, the nut-bladder kick).

  4. Marzz says:

    Nice review! This makes me wanna get one of char’s zaku as well… Char got owned by God gundam in 3 hits?! Come on, Char can do better than that right?

    And… It is Char’s zaku is considered as a pros?? lol

  5. rndm says:

    Oh my, that was hilarious at the end. Love the skit. =D
    And yeah, Domon wants his review done real soon or else Char’s Zaku might feel the worst of it. XD

  6. h4mster says:

    love the battle! especially the knee hit on the face!
    This MG Zaku sure can do a lot of pose! very story-friendly 😀

    • eighteleven says:

      Zakus are very posable *thumbs up* and in the whole skit, the Zaku does look friendly don’t you think? 😀
      ahahhaha friendly and story-friendly, this guy shouldn’t even be a bad guy =[

  7. Chris says:

    I think you should matt topcoat it before applying the weathering because it looks too shiny. ^^;

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  9. Z says:

    Sweet.. I’m linking this page ^^

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