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Awesome looking Red Frame!

Omg! Just look at this!! Left: Modified Red Frame. Right: No Grade 1/100 Red Frame   Damn! Just look at the difference! The one on the left looks like a Master Grade!! Crazy! Z Posted about this guy and his … Continue reading

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Gundam Wing!

Well, ever since I finished my Freedom, I got nothing else to post LOL. My Strike E + IWSP is still in it’s box unopened. Will start building that in a few weeks or so ahaha sorry XD I’m just … Continue reading

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Freedom’s review is up!

Go to review Wooot! Check the review out~ Comment~ But not too harsh =P ahhahahahahah constructive criticism are always helpful. Bashing on the other hand…~.~

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Sneak peak

As you all know, I have finally completed my 1/100 MG Freedom Gundam. I don’t have a review up yet since I’m so tired but I did take a few pictures just for a preview. Here ya go~  *The pictures … Continue reading

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5th Update?

Sorry for the delay. Was too busy finished up Freedom yesterday =D ahahhaha 1/100 MG Freedom(update) Wooosh! Don’t be too harsh on the comments. I know I’m still a noob =P

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4th Update~

Yup, updated my Freedom’s W.I.P page. 1/100 MG Freedom(update) Kinda looks freaky doesn’t it? o.O ahahhaha

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3rd update

You know the drill, 3rd day of construction for my 1/100 MG Freedom XD 1/100 MG Freedom(update)

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