1/100 MG Shining Gundam WIP(Updated 30/11/09)

Shining Gundam is a really simple gunpla kit to build. It’s cheap and it looks awesome. I should stop babbling those stuff cause that’s what the review section is for xD

Anyway..let’s start building him!

Day 1 of construction(28/11/09)

I started on his head about a week ago though, but after a failed paint experimentation..it took me awhile to get rid of all the paint..

Parts for the head

Completed head

In the end I had to use the rubber V-fin instead xD

These are the parts for the inner skeleton of the body and waist unit. Very little parts lol

The armour parts for the body

The body and waist unit are connected together and securely fastened using a screw and a bolt. Since this is an old kit, the inner frame is quite lacking but if I’m not mistaken, this is when they started having a dynamic type of inner frame.

Head and body completed

"I need armssss~~"

Parts for the core lander

Completed core lander

And the core lander fits snugly behind Shining gundam

LOL I couldn’t help myself so I built his right arm xD

This is how he looks like so far

Don’t worry, I’ll take pics of the left arm’s work in progress tomorrow ahhaha

Day 2 of construction(29/11/09)

I built the other arm today and that’s it o.o Left the leg for tomorrow since I didn’t wanna finish him off too quickly LOL xD

Here are the pieces for the arm's inner frame

Looks like Shining gundam hasn't been eating alot to have his arm that thin LOL xD

Armour parts for the arm.*Forgot to take a pic of the white shoulder piece @_@

Arms completed!


Gundam punch!!

Ahh~ even without legs, shining gundam still wants to kick some ass! See you guys tomorrow for the final part of the W.I.P which is for the legs.

Day 3 of construction(30/11/09)

Woah I finished him in 3 days, that was quick LOL

Parts for the leg and foot

Leg's inner frame~ a very basic looking inner frame

Should drink more Anlene for stronger bones! LOL

Yeah I didn't really arrange the armour parts properly @_@

Completed leg!

Shining gundam is complete! Wooo!

"Char's Zaku isn't the only one that can fold his arms!"

His beam sabers, which are the only weapons he has aside from his shining finger xD

Huh..what's this?!

Issit a different gundam!? =O

LOL I wonder who it is~~ You’ll have to wait for the review to find out 😉 but then again I’m sure everyone knows who it is anyway ahhaahhah


21 Responses to 1/100 MG Shining Gundam WIP(Updated 30/11/09)

  1. chubbybots says:

    Never mind..even with one arm domon can still own…shinning finger!!!!

  2. chubbybots says:

    He can just shoot his tenjou ken at them!!!

  3. Marzz says:

    Cheap?! Hell yea! I saw it going for SGD30 bucks 2 years ago during comics connection clearance sales. Regretted not getting it then… Damn it!

    • eighteleven says:

      I like God Gundam more though but it’s bloody hard to find nowadays @_@ and yeah this model is quite cheap! I’m sure you can find it cheap again some day 😉

      • bd77 says:

        Guuh… I also wanted God Gundam, sadly… can’t find any.

        The Fighting action frame is the best system used for a MG, flexible, simple and stable.

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  5. Marzz says:

    Whoa! That was fast!

  6. chubbybots says:

    Wah brother….are you in trans am mode or something lol? thats a very fast progress!!

  7. rockleelotus says:

    you could say, on a roll?
    i never looked closely at him before, he has a brute face. nice progression ^^

  8. rndm says:

    Now you make me want to build my MG Shining Gundam (who has been stuck inside the box for a few months) after I’m done with the Blue Frame. XP

    Also, don’t forget about the chest vulcans! They count as weapons too. >.>;

  9. Z says:

    *gasp* Not a single pic of the SHINING FINGER?! Guess we’ll see in the Gundam Fight won’t we? ^^

  10. heathorn says:

    Super mode!! The first time he uses the super mode is so cool! And I always love the BGM.

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