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Gundam X episode 1 lol~

Hahahha I just found this scene to be funny, and yes I just finished ZZ gundam and moving on to After War X Gundam ๐Ÿ™‚ Seems like an interesting gundam series. Can’t wait to watch more episodes. As for ZZ … Continue reading

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00 Movie Trailer

Nothing much other than the new gundams themselves. Watching them animated looks better than still pictures xD Gundam Zabanya and Harute looks too similar to their previous designs in my opinion. Gundam 00 Qan[T] and Raphael on the other hand … Continue reading

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Destiny, Wings of light ACTIVATE!

I’m done with Destiny’s review! Wooot! Click on the pic below to check the review out ๐Ÿ™‚ 1/100 MG Destiny EBM

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Hot damn its..its…GUNDAM!!

Gundammu Fightoo…Readdy….. GOOO!!!!! *ahem* I was watching G gundam last time and noticed this rather unusual and out of place guy in the last episode… Well they all look unusual in that anime but this guy stood out from the … Continue reading

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Clothing shoppu~

AHahahhaha Sorry got nothing else to post. Was in the middle of photoshooting ย destiny for his review when 30 mins later my cam battery died @_@ forgot to charge the battery, nyeh. Another interesting pic in zz gundam is this: … Continue reading

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Ehh? Another wtf!

LOL I’m watching ZZ Gundam episode 7 right now and I saw something peculiar about this one scene that I had to take a screenshot of! Look at the logo on the container….it’s…BANDAI!! LOL In this scene they were transporting … Continue reading

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RXN-0 Unicorn Rogue

Aahahhahaha I think I’ve lost my mind? Remember back when I said I gave up on my MG Unicorn? Well I did…but I built him anyway… I fcked my unicorn up so bad I decided to destroy his whole left … Continue reading

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