1/100 MG Exia Ignition Mode Review

Ok that’s it, I’ve had enough of this master grade. I know this is supposed to be a review of him but BLAH I give up! He’s just so uncooperative, I’ll just put most of the pictures during my so called photoshoot with him and leave him be in a display pose. It’s been a month since I finished him and only now have I started to review him. Shows you how much I dislike him ><”

First up is articulation. I don’t need to type out every single part for his articulation since the pictures can do the talking BUT I must say, Exia probably has one of the better articulations in the master grade lineup.

As you can probably see from the pictures above, Exia is pretty well articulated. Just look at how his foot can lay flat even during that split. But more articulation means more unstableness. I’ll just get back to ranting later.
Now Exia fully equipped:

His weapons and accessories include:
-1 GN Sword
-1 GN Short blade
-1 GN Long blade
-1 Shield
-4 Beam sabers

Yeah that’s pretty much it.

Exia has a nice look to him. I may keep on ranting about his uncooperativeness but I can’t argue how badass he looks. Sigh if only they spent more time developing this kit.

Lets have some poses shall we, first up, fist fight!

Butt beam saber?!

Pulling a beam saber out of his ass LOL xD

Pulling a beam saber out of his ass LOL xD

Now with his GN long and short blade:



Shoulder bash?
Shoulder bash?
No, its the GN sword! In gun mode xD

No, its the GN sword! In gun mode xD

GN drive switch on!
GN drive switch on! The LED’s so strong you can’t even read the text on the chest -.-“

Final pic taken xD

Final pic taken xD

So where to begin? I just have so many complaints with this model that this might as well be a rant page instead of a review T.T”
He.is.bloody.loose! There’s loose parts everywhere! His beam sabers flap around like theres no tomorrow, the GN blade holders on his legs are the loosest(ahhaha) parts I’ve ever seen. They’re like small ball pegs? I dunno man. They’re just so loose!! His shield and GN sword have this peg like thingies that slot it onto his arms. Thing is they just slot in and there’s nothing to hold them firmly. His hand pegs are smaller than the holes on the GN blades so they’ll just come off from time to time during posing. His decals are so small that you might as well not put them.

But the main offender here is the legs, more specifically the joint that connects the foot and the leg together. They’re like different pieces connected by this weak ass ball joint that allows a wide range of articulation for the foot BUT this makes the model more prone to weak foot. I’m not even making sense anymore as you can see from my sentences. I just hate this model so much! He looks cool and all and his LED GN drive is awesome but gimmicks aside, he’s so unstable they’re not even worth it anymore.

Say what you want, hate me or whatever, I seriously have so much against this model I just don’t know why. Believe me, I tried to like this model and even intended to redo the photoshoot in the future but I don’t think I’ll do that anymore. I was so excited when they finally announced a master grade exia and couldn’t wait to hold this badboy in my hands but after building him and trying to pose him, I realised how much this guy just..sucks.

The good points? I don’t know ><” He looks cool I guess? He has a badass assortment of swords..and…he’s exia. I know alot of people are going to flame me if they ever read this review but I don’t care. This is my opinion and my own blog. Sorry for the long ass ranting, I just had to let it out. Whether this is a review or not, it’s obvious how much I dislike this model xD

Good day people.


7 Responses to 1/100 MG Exia Ignition Mode Review

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  2. chubbybots says:

    Ah I have the same problem as ya. Exia can’t do much ground poses…the great irony..(he is suppose to be the most bad ass ground unit of his time lol) He is permanently on a action base for me. I didn’t even border attaching his gn swords to his waste haha ^^. But still I am quite happy with this MG. Hopefully the MG blueframe won’t screw up as much as this one.

  3. eighteleven says:

    Yeah, mine’s on an action base too. Adding the GN blades on his waist will just hinder trying to pose his legs ><"

  4. zenkies says:

    I like how the design for MG Exia. It’s more badass looking compare to NG Exia. There’s a lot of bad review/complaint on this gunpla. Makes me think a lot about buying this gundam and i already make my decision by buying the normal one. It’s cheaper + minus the LED and repair mode.

  5. eighteleven says:

    Any MG would look more badass compared to a NG I think xD
    I suggest you get an action base if you plan to keep exia in any pose or else he’ll just topple over. Actually even in a standing pose, he’ll eventually topple over. Such an annoying problem @_@

  6. Z says:

    Taking this one too… just delete my comment when you see this. I’m just marking what I’ve linked and not ^^.

  7. andi_secret16 says:

    i bought this MG Exia as well (just not the Ignition Mode one) and at first, i found it so cool, so badass, so goddamned freaking awesome (since i am an Exia lover) that it took my attention away from my HG loved ones for a time. then i found out about your (and mine now, too) problem about it’s stability and balance, as well as the GN Blade holders on it’s side. they’re freaking loose, and so are the Beam Sabers. they, at times, fall off of their respective holders. but my model has one thing different from yours. mine’s hand pegs aren’t that small. they fit perfectly on the weapons and they don’t fall off his hands. maybe each MG Exia model has different looseness of parts?

    idk, really, but that’s my opinion. 😀

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