1/100 MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame Review

Ah~ The Gundam Astray Blue Frame. The astray with the Huge-Ass sword, The Tactical Arms 2, which is also its flight unit, a gattling gun, a flying bird(?!) and many other stuff ^^

Front shot

MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame is piloted by Gai Murakumo, a mercenary from Serpent Tail. To know more about Gai then go read the Gundam Seed Astray manga(which I have not read yet xD)

Side shot

This master grade release is of the 2nd Revise of Blue Frame aka Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd L. It costs around 4800 yen and was released on October 2009.

Back shot

Here’s the technical specifications for the Blue Frame 2nd Revise:

Profile: Model Number: MBF-P03 Second L
Developed from: MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame
Launched: January 25, 71 C.E.
Manufacturer: Morgenroete, Inc
Operator: Serpent Tail
Known Pilots: Gai Murakumo

General Characteristics:
Head height: 17.53 meters
Max Weight: 64.4 metric tons
Power-plant: Ultracompact Energy Battery
Accomodation: Pilot only, Cockpit in Chest
Armor: Foaming metal

– 2 x “Igelstellung” 75mm multi-barrel CIWS
– 6 x “Armor Schneider” combat knife(2 on each foot, 2 hand carried)
-Tactical Arms 90mm Gatling Gun
-Tactical Arms Sword

Alternate side shot

Here's something nice. They engraved the Astray name on the body just behind the neck

Weapons & Accessories:

These are all the weapons & accessories included in the box

Tactical Arms 2 and a blue action base 2

Effects for the blade tonfa mode

Small blue adaptor to attach Blue Frame to an Action Base

Unpainted figure of Gai

The 2 hand carried "Armor Schneider"

2 ammo magazines for the gatling mode

Here's how Blue Frame looks like fully armed

No beam sabers, No shields and no beam rifles?! Who cares! His Tactical Arms 2 can do all of those! LOL I really liked the inclusion of an action base 2 because the sword by itself is super heavy and Blue Frame wouldn’t be able to do any action poses without some kind of stand for the sword.


The head can only turn that far if you don't want to risk the side cheek armors to fly open, but...

..if you pull the head up slightly, you can achieve a full 360 degrees rotation ^^

The neck has a small bit of articulation by going forward and backward..

..Like so. The movement is very subtle and not really noticeable

Arm can swing 360 degrees BUT! you have to be careful of the orange shoulder armor since it could obstruct the rotation sometimes

Arms can move away from the body that far

The shoulder joints can move forward abit

You can see that blue joint is the one responsible for the shoulder movement

Shoulder armor can move up that high

Those 2 small flaps can move back and forth abit

The back of the shoulder armor has a flap that can flip up 90 degrees

Obviously there's rotation below the shoulder, as all master grades have this if I'm not mistaken

Arm can bend fully since there's alot of joints

There's a hinge on the hands that allows it to move front and back(please don't mind the ugly paintjob on the fingers T.T")

Just like every other new master grade release, all fingers are on ball joints, thumb and index finger are separate while the last 3 are connected

Yes, the upper body can turn 360 degrees since it is connected to the waist by a ball joint

Upper body can rock side to side quite abit

There's this sliding gimmick at the back which will slide upwards when the body rocks forward

As shown here

This black piece is where the tactical arms can dock. It connects to the back of Blue Frame using those holes. The top one is a fixed position while the bottom hole will allow the black piece to rotate around

Body can rock forward quite abit too

Just like most master grades, the cockpit hatch opens(There's an unpainted figure of Gai seated inside)(Oh and those nub marks on the black is damn ugly!)

The back skirt moves back abit. All the skirts are on ball joints and can wiggle around abit. The whole "frame" for the skirt armor can swing up to allow the legs to do a super high kick

And here's how that super high kick looks like

Legs can move back that far

Legs can move away from the body at a 90 degree angle

The legs can rotate abit just above the thigh since it is connected using pegs to the waist

Legs can bend quite alot!

The foot connects to the ankle via a ball joint and the ankle connects to the leg via a ball joint too. This allows a wide range of wiggle motion and the foot can then bend sideways quite alot. Unlike Exia, Blue Frame's ankles are far more stable and sturdy

Awesome articulation all around! One of the best articulated master grades I think! Playability is high because of all the possible poses you can pull off.

Action Poses

Sneaky lil bastard! Has a knife behind his heel!

A knife on the front foot too?!

This is my favourite setup! He just looks so badass like this(In my opinion of course :P)

Go birdy! This idea is all thanks to bd77(IF I'm not mistaken) -.-" LOL

The final shot(also the shot that I took for the review's main picture)

-Painted the head camera using clear green
-Painted the fingers with white paint
-Tried to put most of the stickers but failed some of them horribly
-Didn’t use much of decals since some of them were on uneven surfaces(omg wtf sinanju!?)
-The small green triangles on the shoulder armer(LOLWTF!?) are foil stickers -.-”
-The black isn’t exactly..black. They’re abit glossy and have some silver spots on them. This makes nub marks for them quite visible since they’re a diff coating from their base colour

-Highly articulated
-Nice colour scheme
-Astrays are always awesome
-Tactical Arms 2.
-Knives on the foot? Count me in!
-Has an included action base 2, and it’s blue!
-Sturdy and stable for a high articulated model kit
-Lots of details which truly shows how awesome Master Grades are

-On the expensive side
-Fingers didn’t come painted T.T”(all the fingers were just molded in blue)
-Black nub marks are ugly on shiny/smoky black parts
-I find his head a little bit weird(wtf?!)
-Tactical Arms is heavy while the handle is super thin and fragile!
-Can’t really pose much with the sword(Unless you’re super creative unlike me ^^)

Conclusion: This master grade is awesome! Get it! I mean you get a big sword, you get a free stand for the sword, and you get an awesome looking kit! He’s stable for such an articulated figure and I love that! If you don’t like the colour blue then I guess wait for the MG Red Frame Kai, which is basically a red version of this kit, with Red Frame’s signature Gebera Straight(2 of them!?) and his head design. Actually his shoulder armor is different too..Hmm maybe’s he’s not such a bad milking strategy after all…

If you love to pose your kits in different poses then get this kit! Highly recommendable! Only thing that’s not good about it is that the sword’s heavy and that the handle is thin. It’s not as expensive as say Sinanju or Sazabi but it’s still quite abit expensive. In the end you get what you paid for, Awesome accessories and awesome details, and finally an awesome model kit to round it all up.

Just be prepared to paint the fingers ;D

Short fight with Exia

Meh, I couldn’t think up of any story so I just took some random shots of Blue Frame with Exia. Don’t mind the suckyness of the shots. I know how random and disjointed they are @_@


25 Responses to 1/100 MG Gundam Astray Blue Frame Review

  1. bd77 says:

    Nice review. Ah, the MG Blue Frame, one of the most well-balanced kit (which could stand on one leg with no support) and offers plenty of movements.

    LoL. Setsuna got p0wned. ๐Ÿ˜€

    p.s. should’ve use his pet bird to distract Setsuna while going in for the kill. XD

  2. lylibellule says:

    I don’t know anything in that domain.^^ I’ll say only the review is well presented and i’m pleased to discover something else then PVC figures. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. White Angel says:

    if the MG blue frame looks this nice i wonder how will MG red frame later this year will look when it is assembled… oh my congrats bro for nice GUNDAMing=)

    • eighteleven says:

      The Red Frame would look absolutely awesome, I’m guessing xD ahhahaha

      and thanks ^^

      • White Angel says:

        i saw the pics of MG red frame with 2 katanas and a tactical weapon!!! that is sooo too much hahahaha crazy bandai they really know how to BLOOD my wallet hahahaha=p

      • eighteleven says:

        Yup! Bandai is like the king of milking products! Just look at their high grade 00 series. How many variation of Gundam 00 are there!? xD

      • White Angel says:

        i was wondering today when am i gonna STOP collecting these things!!! and the immediate answer seems to be NEVER hahaha… talking about variations of HG00 i even have three exias normal exia R2 and trans am. they are all the same different color i so dont know why am i having all three of the same ones hahaha

      • eighteleven says:

        Exactly my point! LOL Bandai, the king of milking! xD

  4. Marzz says:

    Blue frame…….. Dun really appeal much to me, more interested in the red frame ๐Ÿ˜€
    But it is good to see that for a slightly bulky unit, the articulations are not that bad….
    Now, let’s hope that the MG red frame too has an action base included……….

    • eighteleven says:

      I’m 99.9% positive that the red frame has an action base too, I mean it’d be stupid of Bandai not to give us a stand for red frame’s own Tactical Arms ^^ and most of the pics show that the red action base 2 can even support red frame o.o I dunno how that’s gonna work, cause I wonder how an action base made for High Grades can support a Master Grade xD

  5. heathorn says:

    nice review! Looks like now I’ll be getting the red frame ๐Ÿ˜€
    I have been wondering about the white strap on blue frame’s chin. What’s that for? For me I prefer that thing removed, will also give a better articulation maybe? ^^

    • eighteleven says:

      Thanks ^^

      The chin strap is part of his design but it’s annoying. The head vulcans are also one piece molded together with the chin strap. I was too scared to cut/mod off those part xD

  6. kevin says:

    nice review man! i might get this MG and probably the red frame in the future.

    so anything i should pay attention at when building this model? i heard the legs are hard to build, is that true?

    • eighteleven says:

      Thanks dude ;D

      Hmm..I don’t remember having any difficulties building the legs, only problem could be inserting those little pegs or screws to fasten the legs. They’re quite small and have to be put properly, just read the instructions properly and look at the pictures at how to insert them in the manual and you should be quite fine. Follow the steps and pay attention at which goes in first so that no problem arises ^^ You’ll need to paint the hands though unless you just want them to look all blue xD Other than those I don’t think there’s anything else that’s a problem.

  7. Z says:


    I like your black backdrop ;). If I scroll down really fast, it looks like I am scrolling through my own review xD

  8. amesian. says:

    Great review, but I wanted to know if you could help a guy out? After finishing this wonderful beauty, a friend of mine bent the K6 joint in the wrong direction and broke it. What i wanted to ask was if you could give me some tips on how I could repair said piece. I thought about super glue, but I wanted someone elses opinion before i try it out. A speedy reply would be appriciated. Thank you!

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