1/100 MG Char’s Zaku 2.0 WIP(Updated 26/11/09)

I shall start on my MG Char’s Zaku version 2.0 today~ wooot

My first Mono-eyed mobile suit W.I.P!

The boxart

First day of construction(23/11/09)

Today, as always, I started on his head and body. LOL, I’ll try and start from the weapons the next time I build something else kekeke

The head's inner frame

The head's armour pieces

The head is now complete! *plays darth vader theme*

The energy cables on the side of his head were such a pain to put together at first, but after the first one, it got easier along the way. xD

Here's the basic frame pieces of the body

Look at char, just sitting there, waiting to kick some RX78's ass xD

The lower part of the main body's frame

That's the "Minovsky type ultracompact fusion reactor"

Now for the energy cables

Here are the parts for the Jetpack/Backpack

Now for the final armour pieces

Body complete!

One step closer to completion~

"Gimme arms or I'll rip yours off and have them as mine!" o.O

Meh, made a few mistakes here and there. I didn’t place the eye sticker properly so you can see air bubbles here and there. And you can see I kind of chipped a small bit on his head @_@ My noob-ness knows no boundaries LOL Well then, that’s it for now.

Day 2 of construction(24/11/09)

Today I started on the arms. Very..tiring @_@ well maybe it’s cause I just came back from school and immediately started on building the arms LOL xD

Parts for the arm's inner frame

The arm's inner frame~ without the armour on

Each finger is individually jointed midway to allow more articulation except for the thumb and yes, those nub marks are a bloody pain to clean up since each finger is so small @_@

Since it's jointed midway, the fingers can do this! =D

Here are the armour pieces for the arm

And here's how the arms look like fully armoured and panel lined

Char's Zaku: "I have arms!"

No comment lol

And here's Zaku's more..erm..feminine side LOL xD

So far so good. Loving the individual fingers xD And also the shoulder armours are awesome. Tomorrow I shall start on the legs? heheh see ya then

Day 3 of construction(25/11/09)

Legs,legs and more legs!! o.o well, I did the legs today and it took me FOREVER!! I came back from school and finished around 5 hours later? Crazy! I guess I just took my time xD

The parts for the inner frame of the waist

The armour parts for the waist

Completed waist!

Here's the parts for the foot's inner frame

Parts for the leg's inner frame

The inner skeleton leg compared next to the armoured one

The armour parts for the legs. The energy cables are on a spring~ weeee

Completed 2 legs!*sorry for the blurry picture, focused wrongly xD*

Zaku completed! Only weapons left~

I love how Zakus can do a natural looking kneeling pose hahaha

That’s all for today. Join me soon for the final W.I.P for Char’s Zaku, which is for his weapons! And finally his review! wooot~

Day 4 of construction(26/11/09)

Weapons! and more weapons! I finished off his weapons today and I’m loving how he looks like fully armed.

The parts for the zaku machine gun

This is why I love master grades. The attention to detail is insane! Even the gun's magazine has bullets stored inside it

Completed machine gun. Added some weathering using dry brush method and silver chrome paint

A closer look at the weathering effect. It's also my first time doing weathering so any tips would be helpful 🙂

The parts for the bazooka

And voila, all weapons finished and weathered. I think I overdid the weathering for the bazooka though >.>

I didn't have any purple and yellow paint lying around to paint the heathawk so I just weathered it. I don't think it came out fine ahhahaha. What do you guys think? xD

Folding arms~

Another view

Zaku poses with his machine gun

"Get on the floor, now!" Oh, I forgot to mention that the clear pieces for the scope of the gun and bazooka were being painted.

And here's how it looks like with the scope painted!

And this looks like the bazooka's scope has seen better days. I guess the whole bazooka is battered up with all the weathering and the busted scope paint job

This is his last shot before I review him

There you have it. My noob first time weathering turned out..alright I guess? Could’ve done better but that’s why they say “practice makes perfect” right? I’ll see you guys next time for his review, until then, Take care 😉


17 Responses to 1/100 MG Char’s Zaku 2.0 WIP(Updated 26/11/09)

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  3. jojosochi says:

    i love Zaku more then gundam XD if you realise, only MG zaku fingers are individual, not like MG gundam, the last 3 finger are stick together.. T_T

    i wish can switch their hands.

  4. eighteleven says:

    Actually the last 3 fingers on the zaku are also stuck together, only the “upper” fingers are individual, which is similar to MG Gundam if I’m not mistaken. Either way both of them have quite articulated fingers in the end 😉 ahhaha

  5. masta195 says:

    hey, how to clean the nub marks? it seems i have problems about it so teach me 😉 since u have many experience assembling gundam

    • eighteleven says:

      Well, for me I use a design knife/hobby knife? to cut off the nub marks. I try to slice it at a flat angle as much as possible to avoid damage to the actual piece and if the nub mark turns white, I just scratch it lightly with my finger nails to turn the colour back to normal. You can use any other normal cutter I think, same effect but design/hobby knives are easier to handle for me. You should check out chubbybot’s method of cleaning nub marks using sanding method. Works wayy better and looks cleaner too although it’s hard to find compound here in Brunei T.T”

  6. chubbybots says:

    Lol love the last picture. Say cheese Zaku!! That is one happy zeon mech 😀 Looking forward to more pictures of him ^^

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL everyone says he looks happy ahhahaha I guess Char’s happy after owning 5 magellan class ships xD

    • eighteleven says:

      Hey dude, how do I use the “More” function for wordpress? I have no idea what I’m doing with it LOL

      I press on the “Insert More tag” and the dotted lines come out and then I dunno what to do after that xD Sorry for being such a noob haahhaha

      Or if anyone else knows, please help a fellow wordpress user out 🙂

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  8. chubbybots says:

    The insert more is just to break the post up. For example my post is picture intensive and I don’t want a long loading time for first time visitors at the home page, after my intro I’ll add in that insert more. If you look at my post, you always find a read more at the bottom. So when they click on the read more they will access to the full post ^^

    • eighteleven says:

      So it doesn’t work like when I try to link from the post to this page? Cause I want my readers to just click on the picture of the post in the main page and immediately go to the 3rd day of construction in this page for example. No functions for that? I think it kinda gets annoying for people to click n come to this page to start all the way at the top all the time but if there’s no such function then I guess there’s no other way eh? xD

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  10. chubbybots says:

    Nice dry brushing for a first attempt!

    • eighteleven says:

      =D thanks chubbybots! I’m so errr..”sakai” using this dry brushing that I feel like doing it to my other kits from now on LOL

      Dunno if you know sakai or not, I don’t even know how to describe it xD

  11. chubbybots says:

    Hmm I never heard of Sakai haha mind sharing what is that haha:D Curious to learn a new word!

    • eighteleven says:

      hmmm lets see…

      It’s like when you experience/see/do something for the first time and you go oooh or aah or woaaahh~~ and feel all naive-like and you just go all giddy the whole time and wanna experience/see/do it again xD

      It’s usually used light heartedly to make fun of someone LOL or even yourself! Heheh

      Like me, trying dry brushing for the first time and I just went oooo~ the whole time. I felt so sakai! ahahhahaha

      Hope what I just said made sense LOL

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