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First gundam review in awhile!

Just like the title says. Here’s the link to the review for MG Buster Gundam which I have recently completed: Advertisements

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Cue in Fourze’s theme song

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Super sorry for being inactive for awhile. As I’ve mentioned before, My laptop died so I’m taking my time researching and choosing a laptop. Finally decided on the Asus G73Jw ^^ I was having a hard time choosing between a … Continue reading

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The person at the shop just told me that I fried the motherboard in my laptop.. FUUUUUUU!!! And to replace it would cost me 700 dollars(BND) O.o!! So I decided to get a new laptop! Woooo~ The 2 candidates are … Continue reading

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Shat, laptop died 😦 won’t be able to post anything in awhile and not sure when my laptop will be fixed so~ yeah. I shall be on hiatus till further notice xD

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FFV13 Gameplay footage

Finally, they show gameplay footage! 😀 I’ve always been more hyped up for versus than the regular one >.> If you don’t mind really slow loading or if your internet can handle it, I suggest you watch from this link … Continue reading

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*Warning. Horrible handwriting/drawing on my notebook might burn some eyes. You have been warned*

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