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Shinn Vs Amuro Part 2

Finally! LOL Advertisements

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Completed Strike Freedom FBM

Can you say HAX?! Sorry, this isn’t the full review xD Just a few shots of the completed kit with decals and stickers ^^

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Holy Fishballs! Unicorn epi 1 was awesome!

I couldn’t help myself. I was supposed to wait for the dvd or bluray release but in the end I gave up and just torrented it(bad person I am T.T”) Don’t worry! I’ll still buy the dvd/bluray once they release … Continue reading

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Strike Freedom FBM WIP#5?

Err.. I kind of forgot to take pics of the process on building the wings, sorry T.T” sickness caught the best of me so here are some pics of Strike Freedom Full Burst Mode, 90% done ^^ panel lining left … Continue reading

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Random Searches

These are some random searches that made me quite…entertained xD LOL to answer the one asking did amuro’s father go insane: He was probably insane to begin with! Whoever searched for this is pure win! ^^ Please step up to … Continue reading

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Strike Freedom FBM WIP#4

Yup, I’m still sick, so no crazy random WIP stories for this one ^^ So here’s the legs, on the left is fully assembled and detailed and on the right still in it’s inner frame

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Ugh..sick again..

I hate being sick… >.<” It sucks being sucks even worse to get sick RIGHT AFTER recovering a few weeks ago T.T” I’ve got like..3 or 4 ulcers in my mouth, sore throat, tongue ulcer too? Freaking mine field … Continue reading

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