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Random Searches

These are some random searches that made me quite…entertained xD LOL to answer the one asking did amuro’s father go insane: He was probably insane to begin with! Whoever searched for this is pure win! ^^ Please step up to … Continue reading

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Drossel’s Random Photoshoot#1

I was bored today and decided to take some random pictures with Drossel. Since I’m pretty new to taking pics of figurines, please bear with me on the posing LOL

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Ehh? Another wtf!

LOL I’m watching ZZ Gundam episode 7 right now and I saw something peculiar about this one scene that I had to take a screenshot of! Look at the logo on the container….it’s…BANDAI!! LOL In this scene they were transporting … Continue reading

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AHHAHAHAHA What are the odds of a ship being called Brunei. That was bloody random man!! My country’s famous!! Now go watch Zeta Gundam!! AHAHHAHA episode 5 of Z gundam! nao!! LOL

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G Gundam!!

I probably love cheese and corn, either that or I’m a twelve year old kid stuck in a 17 year old body cause I just finished watching G gundam and it was a total blast! Gahahhaha! Bloody hell, I seriously … Continue reading

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Insane gundam shop!!

I was bored and hopped around videos on youtube when I found this video of pure awesomeness All credits go to rrobbert184 on youtube. Check out his gundam model reviews at Gundam.tk My god man, If I were in that … Continue reading

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I finally update. Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy AND lazy ><” Anyway, I just took a few photos of my first digirama, hope you all enjoy it =D Click on the picture below: Short Digirama

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