Dissatisfied figurines

I grabbed these 3 a couple while back just when my previous laptop died, so I couldn’t make any loot post during that time xD

Nami was an on the spot purchase while the other 2 were ordered last year


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Love figurines, anime, gunpla, games, etc :D
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13 Responses to Dissatisfied figurines

  1. bd77 says:

    AHA~! Figures teams up with gunplas, that would REALLY motivate someone. XD

    My, Nami at first looks calm but… by golly, that’s a screamer. XD

    Dude, better pick up some speed, or… *looks at shiny new laptop* yeah… v_v

  2. White Angel says:

    Gosh i miss seeing your drossel haha=p

    I second kamen rider traffic light’s plan=)

  3. Marzz says:

    Heh, I got OOO as well. Kinda disappointed with it though…

  4. Diamond says:

    wow nice short story man… keep it up… 😀

  5. AgusLSuteja says:

    finally Drossel is back 😀
    great! team up between Gundam and Kamen Rider againts The Faddy

  6. Tom says:

    Lol “We’ll make up a plan with his Gundams and force him to make stories and WIP post.” XD
    Hmm it looks like 000 doesn’t have a lot of articulation to him.

  7. me says:

    kamen rider traffic light! LOL LOL LOL

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