The person at the shop just told me that I fried the motherboard in my laptop.. FUUUUUUU!!! And to replace it would cost me 700 dollars(BND) O.o!!

So I decided to get a new laptop! Woooo~

The 2 candidates are Asus G73JW or a Macbook Pro. I’m leaning more toward the Asus though since the Mac was strongly recommended by my dad. Any other suggestions or recommendations? I’ll most likely get the Asus anyway since I’m loving the specs n design of it LOL but we’ll see how things go after a week of research and consideration ^^

Having to surf around the web and checking mail and facebook with my iPhone isn’t exactly satisfying, especially if I have to use it daily. I wish I had my laptop right about now 😦 Totally missing out on my Kimi ni Todoke 2 episodes D:


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8 Responses to laptop?

  1. bd77 says:

    That’s one of the reason why I don’t own a laptop… Replacing the mainboard is something you’re buying AGAIN the same unit, another part, if fail, will also hurt you is the LCD.

    Between Asus and MacBook… I go for Asus, its Windows and you have many software to choose from (including games).

  2. jojosohi says:

    Windows and Mac are fine to me, i will get both if possible.

    Windows Platform:
    Pros: Able to install crack game or software,
    Cons: Easily to get spam, trojan, virus.

    Apple Platform:
    Pro: TimeMachine (auto backing up your data), awesome interface, easy to reformat, batter battery life.
    Cons: Limited games and software.

    This is the fact, if you get MacBook Pro to cafe or other places, people will very admiring you, “Wao.. MacBook Pro”, if you use Acer, they didn’t ever notice you around there.. al thought you are using the latest Acer..

  3. Tom says:

    Is it Asus or Acer? Anyway, Just get whichever one you get easily and is user friendly to you.

  4. mangyver5223 says:

    first thing, what is your budget

  5. John says:


  6. AgusLSuteja says:

    anybody in this blog.?

  7. redmage20386 says:

    definitely macbook pro

    No problem with the software, no viruses
    definitely greater interface than iphone (i hate using mail on iphone, but i love using it on mac)

    a lot faster even with less spec.

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