2nd shipment has arrived! Weee

This time it’s from CS Toys International ^^

Bubble wrapped 😀

They even gave me a free ganbaride card! Really enjoyed using their service ^^

Attack Raido! No idea what the hell this card is other than it’s an Ozu attack ride card xD

So, what’s in this box?


Ok here’s the deal. CS Toys is awesome. They show your items being packed, Live! And if you missed it they archive it in their ustream channel! I was so excited to see my items being packed LOL

Next awesomeness is that I picked SAL shipment cause the EMS was expensive, and next thing I know, after paying and everything, they e-mail me saying they’ve upgraded my shipping to EMS. For Free. They said I bought a lot of items and tracking them would be better. SWEET! I wouldn’t have mind waiting around a week+ for the items to arrive but instead I get them 4 days after they’ve shipped. And also they gave me that free ganbaride card. Now that’s awesome service! Won’t be the last time I order from them, that’s for sure ^^ *thumbs up*

And here’s a little skit that I made just for fun, it’s kinda rushed though since I had to go somewhere after that, so please excuse me xD


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Love figurines, anime, gunpla, games, etc :D
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7 Responses to 2nd shipment has arrived! Weee

  1. bd77 says:

    Holy cows and goats, batman. MOAR KR walls. Wait, that means…

    *camera cuts to backlogs*
    Backlogs: ONORE~!
    *camera cuts back to the Riders*

  2. Tom says:

    LOLZ, Rider Riot! xD

  3. RoyVF1 says:

    hahahhhaha, another nice loot, always wanted Fang Joker SH figuarts. I sense a rider war soon!

  4. AgusLSuteja says:

    wow SHF virus
    do you still buildeing Gunpla.?

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