They haz arrived!

First time buying from xl-shop, can’t say the process was smooth for buying stuff as I needed to wait for confirmation of stock and stuff unlike hlj and playasia where I just place my order and done. But what I’m happy for is how fast the delivery was once everything was done, then again, they use fedex, so shipping cost was orz

Hmm a revoltech and a smaller box..

Hmm..where am I?
Wha..Who the hell are you!?
Your only despair..

Well, as you can probably tell, I’ve bought a revoltech Evangelion Evolution Eva-01 and an SHF Accel Trial

I’ve always wanted a revoltech of an Eva, almost bought a robot damashii but somehow I decided not to. And Accel Trial’s a really nice looking figuarts. No need for an explanation there xD I’m having so much fun with the Eva, the articulation, accessories, so many things to do! He even glows in the dark! And that LED on the included angel is just awesome!

Now, I ordered from 2 shops. xl-shop and cstoys international. One has arrived, the other I shall wait. If there’s no delay or anything, it should arrive by tomorrow 😀 Can’t wait!


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10 Responses to They haz arrived!

  1. White Angel says:

    poor Accel=p i did not expect such a gory post… Who’s next on Eva’s diet list??? Some bug, bee or dragonfly perhaps hehe

  2. bd77 says:

    My my my my… That was a fast end for a Rider. And wow, you got Eva 01, with all it’s gory parts. XD

    Marisa: Did anyone call for an exterminator, da ze? =D
    Ryoma: Reminds me of them Invader, da zo! *bloody-thirsty grins*

  3. RoyVF1 says:

    Ouuch man, but I really like Terui lol. How much did you get accel trial for? its a pass for me since its an exclusive, damnn you bandai! Give kabuto a run for eva, he might pwn him hehehe

  4. chubbybots says:

    Thats a really bloody and gory entry lol! He sure make short work of accel trial man….

    Just hope eva 1 don’t go berserk on the rest of the KR gang 😛

    • eighteleven says:

      What can you expect from an Eva? They’ll always be bloody and gory LOL

      I just hope he doesn’t meet any of the other KRs or else he’d wanna eat them all since they look like bugs Hahhahahah

  5. Tom says:

    O.O That EVA’s gone rampage! No figures are safe… well… maybe Gunplas can hold it off.

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