Luffy: Hey Tendou, come here. I got something to show you!
Tendou: Wh..wha?..

Luffy: It’s this awesome website called Wikipedia! It has like, every single facts you would wanna know about anything! It’s great!!
Tendou: ..Wikipedia huh..

Luffy: Here it is! I’ve used this website to know so much truth about everything!
Tendou: …

Luffy: Nyeheheheh! Everything I’d wanna know about meat!!

Tendou: Uhh..Luffy? Sorry to burst your bubble, but..

Tendou: ..There’s an edit button, so anyone can edit the articles as they please. Not all of them are 100% accurate


Luffy: …I’m hungry now..

Tendou: Sometimes, we shouldn’t be too dependant on the internet for information. Finding information the old fashioned way is still best, by reading books..
Luffy: ..Who reads books!?
Tendou: Sigh..I’ll go cook something now..
Luffy: Nyehehehe NIKU NIKU NIKU!!


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14 Responses to Wikipedia

  1. bd77 says:

    Luffy’s screaming face, Glorious. Just Glorious. XD
    And his “I-GO-MAD-NAO~!” animation is… Bwhahahaha~!

    Really had a good laugh.

    Also, yes, Wikipedia’s facts are to be taken with a pinch of salt… Most of them.

    • eighteleven says:

      His screaming face is teh awezumness LOL

      That animation wasn’t even in my plan. I took a pic of kabuto facepalming with luffy with his screaming face in the background. Next thing I knew, I just picked him up and starting taking pictures of him circling around the frame >.> No idea what happened to facepalming kabuto though..

  2. zoidiect says:

    LOL i didnt see this coming, when i see the title XD citation and referencing, they are serious business XD

  3. Marzz says:

    Huh?? Wait Tendou, I want a piece of whatever you are cooking!!! Whatever you cook is damn good! Or so the tv series say…..

  4. me says:

    ah tendou dont have to depend on the internet to know a fine meat=)

    cooking the dish of heaven, the man who loves cooking haha

  5. Tom says:

    I think Sanji just got replaced. XD

  6. Jonnay says:

    Dood, saw your comment on Z’s blog, just wanted to point this out to you 🙂

    Based in M’sia, but I’m pretty sure they ship to S’pore too. Not sure about the availability though, sometimes when I order an item that’s “in-stock”, they tell me it’s out of stock :S

  7. gunpla4ever says:

    advertisement for wikipedia? lol

  8. heathorn says:

    wahahahahhaha, faddy’s story is always funny!

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