Well, my friend..somehow.. influenced(more like forced ._.) me to get a tumblr since he wanted to have something to read while he was bored, and he’s not the type to find entertainment in reading figure stories and gundam stuff so yeah.

If any of you are interested at all(dunno if you’d wanna), here’s my tumblr link

Since I don’t like to post my personal life/random stuff here(wanna keep this my hobby blog), I’ll just post those stuff on my tumblr ^^


About PlutonianXRevolver

Love figurines, anime, gunpla, games, etc :D
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3 Responses to Tumblr

  1. bd77 says:

    I’ll pass. Anyone who is forcing me, I’ll just ring either one of the two judges to settle it. >D

    Personal life is, personal.

  2. TAKET0MB0 says:

    I too have dabbled in Tumblr but WP will always be where i post my stuff! c:

  3. gunpla4ever says:

    personal is personal hobby is hobby

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