Luffy’s hat?

..depends if I remember what I was planning to do for the continuation, here’s a preview and a reminder for me if I ever forget what I was gonna do ^^

LOL don’t kill me if I don’t decide to continue it ^^v


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26 Responses to Luffy’s hat?

  1. eighteleven says:

    Hmm..anyone know if it’s possible to make the gif file play automatically instead of playing only once you click the picture? ._.

  2. bd77 says:

    Raundo uwan… Faito~! XD

    As for the gif… Have you tried a smaller dimension and without linking to a picture?

  3. eighteleven says:

    Is the “loading” gif working now? xD

  4. zoidiect says:


    that’s hurt.a lot.

  5. Marzz says:

    Lol, no worries, even if you decide not to continue with the ongoing story.. xD

  6. tsukinari says:

    wah… let the battle begins!

    =_= where its going to start!!! I’m waiting it to finish loading like ages!! LOL 😛

  7. divinelight says:

    I wonder if GomuGomu pistol can affect a Super Saiyan?

  8. rockleelotus says:

    that should be a good and interesting battle if you continue it lol

    and wuuuut! all this time i didnt know you could see a .gif in wordpress without have to click and view XD

    • eighteleven says:

      I was pretty much inspired by your little street fighter series ^^

      I know right! Turns out the pic needs to be exactly the full size of the maximum allowed web page and not bigger(not sure bout smaller, haven’t tested that out yet)

  9. chubbybots says:

    Whoa, time to place bets :)!!! If you can’t do it in gif why not put it up on youtube as a video instead?

  10. gunpla4ever says:

    I did not no luffy loves his hat

  11. h4mster says:

    Oh man, this fight is gonna be so brutal!

  12. rndm says:

    Can’t mess with the hat. No touch-ie. XD

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