The more the merrier!

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Ok I couldn’t resist myself, when I was picking up my figma/nendo BRS 3 days ago, I saw these 4 figures at the shop. Temptation got the best of me and..well..the rest is history. Nothing surprising about my impulse purchases if you’ve been visiting my site for awhile xD

Vash is damn awesome to pose, finally a revoltech that I totally have fun posing ^^ Love the poseable coat. I was short of time since I had to do something else, hence the lack of posing(and lack of effort in trying to get nice pictures) for the other 3 figures(especially Teana) So please excuse the messy pictures and backgrounds heheh

In fact I haven’t watch any episode of Nanoha yet, have all 3 seasons in my harddrive though. I’ll watch it at the end of the year I guess. Trigun felt kind of boring(still at episode 4) kind of stalled at the moment cause of my upcoming exams, I wonder if it’ll get any better though?


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16 Responses to The more the merrier!

  1. tsukinari says:

    another impulse!!

    van is nice~~ subaru too

    I like the new layout *_* so refreshing!

    • eighteleven says:

      Heheh yup xD

      I tried to go for a simple yet classy layout especially with the black and white colours. Dunno if I achieved that or not but I’m satisfied with the results ^^ The previous shimapan(LOL) layout was getting kinda boring Gahahahhaa

  2. bd77 says:


    You bought, those four, out of the blue… Wow… Impulse buy is impulse…

  3. divinelight says:

    woa, I have to give up all my list for this year just only for Qan[t].
    can’t go into impulse buying >_<

    • eighteleven says:

      The mg Qan[t] looks nice but I was waiting so long for an MG 00R *cries* oh well I’m with the crowd that wanted that instead of the mg qan[t] xD good for the people that want the qan[t] though ^^

  4. rockleelotus says:

    haha amazing, impulse overwhelming! those revoltech do look great when it comes to action poses.

    new layout is pretty awesome ^_^b

  5. Tom says:

    Trigun gets better, trust me I’ve seen it =)

  6. chubbybots says:

    haha wow…that is some impluse buying man….I did have a string of impulse buy this month 😛 So no more toys for the next few months lol..

    Vash is an awesome revoltech…owning one myself…he is damn nice to pose and photograph!

  7. TAKET0MB0 says:

    Loving those Trigun figures, awesome jobs with the photos!
    Impulse buying is also the best! When the wallet permits of course XD

  8. rndm says:

    Wah, another impulse buy. I wanted Vash and Nic too but sadly my budget wasn’t enough for any sidetracking that time. ^^;

    Then again, I haven’t watched Trigun nor Nanoha though but eventually. >.>

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