Oh ma balls!

Strike and Red Frame looks so tiny compared to that monster!

Gimmicks! Gimmicks!! Wooosh


Sweet mother of all gunpla! That thing looks sickass awesome o.o I hope it’s as bling as bling can go. I want my eyes bloody blinded by this beast Bandai! You hear me! Blind people with the gold blings!!(Imagine if they made a PG Hyaku Shiki *_*) Time to save up some moolah! My wallet’s gonna get hit preeettty hard when this thing comes out, and here I was getting ready to buy a couple of Master Grades and figmas 😦 Dream on Faddy! Dream on!! *plays Aerosmith in the background*


I definitely missed looking at this picture o.O Pleasee don’t let it be like the puke yellow on the MG!! GAHHH

All images taken are from Ngee Khiong


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Love figurines, anime, gunpla, games, etc :D
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2 Responses to Oh ma balls!

  1. bd77 says:

    Bad news, try to see the pics for the legs. You’ll see that there’s two shades of yellow, ne? One is bling and the other is… You cannot unsee it. XD

    But still, the kit screams awesomeness.

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