Break Blade

Epic opening song! LOL

I’ve only watched 2 episodes and so far it looks pretty awesome ^^ I haven’t read the manga though so not sure if it’s following the original story or not.

Can’t wait for episode 3

The cast is pretty good too. Hanazawa Kana(omg teh cuteness), Hoshi Souichirou(KIRAA YAMAAATOOOOOO!), Kamiya Hiroshi(IIIIIIIIIIZAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAA!!), Nakamura Yuuichi(Okazaki-kun!!), Marina Inoue(Yoko!!!), Saitou Chiwa(Hitagi!!)

Well those are the ones I know of from my limited anime knowledge anyway xD

Not surprising to see that Kira gets another overpowered mech too(if only they have lasers and major laser spam in this show, then it’d be perfect) ;P

Now I feel like grabbing the koto Dirfinge(Delphine)..but from what I hear of koto kits.. >.> maybe I’ll just grab it anyway and start swearing once something happens LOL


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