Can’t wait for this!

Loved the first season of Index and the Railgun side story! More biribiri in the second season? Wooot!! Looks like Uiharu and Ruiko will be appearing in it too! And Last Order! And and accelerator! Wooosh!

Sad that these series just ended(or coming to an end anyway) though:


Technically there’s still 2 more episodes, but it looks like those are just extra episodes. T.T” Long live K-On! It was a great run, even though I felt like season 2 was mostly full of filler episodes one after another o.O Relaxing show and well worth watching if you love slice of life genre. The last few episodes were quite heavy on the emotional impact(episode 20 made me shed tears >.>), especially if you’ve been following the show since season 1. Season 3 anyone? Moar azunyan pweaasee =w= College K-On perhaps? Nyaaaaa~

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi(Most will just call it Ookami-san)

This was a great series to watch, I randomly watched it cause I’ve been following Mazui subs ever since I grabbed their Railgun and Angel Beats versions ^^ There wasn’t really a great story though but it was entertaining enough for me to follow on a weekly basis. I dunno how to describe this show since every episode is a different scenario? There’s a bit of romance present here but the main focus of the show is comedy and don’t expect a deep love story xD Stay away if you hate narrations though since EVERY episode is narrated, almost every scene too. And Kuroko(from Railgun)’s seiyuu does the narration, what’s not to like?! LOL

Highschool of the Dead

Who doesn’t know this anime?! This show is just ridiculous, fanservice through and through. Just shut off your brains and watch the damn show for what it’s worth. Bewbs, zombies, violence, screw storyline right? LOL Looks like next week will be the last episode. I blame the manga for coming out so slow, I’m guessing a season 2 will be in order? I say stay clear of this anime if you hate violence, sexual scenes, zombies(no wai!) or if you’re looking for a deep story. Here’s a short synopsis:
Zombies appear
Kids(and a ridiculously proportioned nurse) get weapons
Kill Zombies
Said kids try to Survive

Tada! HotD in a nutshell! LOL So basically the show’s Left4Dead, in anime form ;D

What anime do I recommend to watch?

Damn straight. Seitokai Yakuindomo. Sexual innuendos as jokes? Mio’s seiyuu as the one making those sexual innuendos?! I laugh my ass off watching this show every week LOL. Again no story driven plot here. See the pattern here? I watch anime with no!

Well this season’s been pretty light on show with heavy driven storylines(that seemed interesting to me anyway) 😛

That’s all from me for this post. See you guys next time =D


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4 Responses to Can’t wait for this!

  1. chubbybots says:

    I’ll miss high school of the dead though!! Ah Zombies and fan service makes for a very nice combination for a mindless evening buhahaha!!

  2. Marzz says:

    Huh what???? Next week last episode for HOTD????
    All the Manga’s fault….

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