Another successful shopping trip from Singapore!

I went to Singapore a few days ago and came back with my wallet prettyy dry >.> It wasn’t really a fun trip though since my dad wasn’t in a really good condition to walk around much and it was puasa so I got thirsty really quickly LOL, not that I’m complaining since I got pretty much everything I set out to find before flying off. The list of items I planned to get were a new camera, a new phone, lots of clothes, shoes.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a loot post so yeah here they are:

Pictures after this I took using the GF-1

Man I’m loving both the phone and camera. My previous phone was pretty crappy when it came to messaging and it lagged and would hang a couple of times. It was fun to message using the iphone and I love to message anyone now, last time it would be such a hassle that I would be lazy to even try and message LOL

Now why did I need a new camera? Technically this is my very first OWN camera. The canon 450d I’ve been using is actually my dad’s one. So I wanted a camera for myself and I’m loving the GF1! After thoroughly researching and checking reviews on youtube and online, I have to agree with all of them. This camera is FUN! Taking pictures is so fun and simple. I’ve been using the auto mode all these while and I haven’t even tinkered around with it properly yet. Here are some pictures I took with it while in Singapore

It was just so much fun taking all the pictures xD

So yeah, that was a pretty successful trip for me ^^


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31 Responses to Another successful shopping trip from Singapore!

  1. bd77 says:

    U MAD! :O

    The RG RX-78 is fine, the Qan[T] is fine, the Musha Gundam MK-2 is fine, the DSLR is fine, BUT THE MG THE O is not fine~!

    Good luck in building the guy… Hope you’re happy with the end result…
    (even Dalong gave the “TT_TT” face 4 times in his review).

    Uuu… New camera… nice… *envious*

    Ah, iPhone 4. Coming soon, iPhone 4GS. XDDDD

  2. eighteleven says:

    =O crap I didn’t read dalong’s review beforehand, meh oh well. The-O’s from zeta and I don’t mind if dalong has problems with it. As long as I think it’s awesome ^^

    LOL knowing apple, an iPhone4GS isn’t that far off eh? even I know that xD

  3. Marzz says:

    iPhone and camera on top of everything else???!!! That’s a freaking HUGE loot!
    You were in Singapore? Maybe we could have met up….

    • eighteleven says:

      Well I had to be around with my dad most of the time since he had a problem with his leg during the entire trip. We couldn’t move around much, so yeah not really an enjoyable trip for relaxing.

      Other than that my other problem is that I’m not really good with meeting new people xD this is my own problem and I know I need to overcome this someday -.-” sorry man I would’ve been able to find figmas and games easily if I had met up with you and chubbs =(

  4. jojosohi says:

    Nice loots man. mind to tell where you get the seiko watch and how much?? im going to SG this September. attending the Gundam Fiesta.

  5. zoidiect says:

    OMG WT-$%#%$@%$#%$$#%$%^%^& (signal lost)


  6. See To Yu Xiang says:

    What the?!?!? You treat my country like you could afford the whole of it!!! XD XD XD Are you some Sultan/temmengong’s son??? Who exactly are you???

    P.S. To all anime freaks out there. I would appreciate it extremely, if someone could just do a review on Kaichou Wa Maid Sama’s figuring (indirectly to our rich blogger here…growing devil horns…XD XD XD) I have a crush on the protagonist (Ayuzawa Misaki) XD XD XD

  7. See To Yu Xiang says:

    Oh yarh, btw, a photographer’s tip :
    Your shots are boring (from a point of view, though the content isn’t exactly that boring), you need more dynamic shots, for example, shooting from a worm’s eye view, or bird’s eye view.

    P.S. Do forgive me if I have said anything offensive here. XD XD XD

  8. See To Yu Xiang says:

    How ’bout meeting up wif me during the December hols? I can recommend you lotsa shops. And for ur info, I’m 13 years old. XD XD XD But that doesn’t mean all of you elders can cyber-bully me! XD XD XD

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL I’m just gonna reply all 3 of your comments in one go

      I’m just a lucky person who gets pampered a lot in one go once in awhile(especially when going on holidays). Not some Sultan/Temenggong’s son, just a regular teenager ^^

      There’s a figure of Misaki? Didn’t know that. I’d love to get one IF it was a figma or nendoroid of her though xD

      Thanks for the tip. I’m not really that good in photography so it’s inevitable that my shots will be boring lol I’ll try and improve once I get used to this new camera ;D Don’t worry, constuctive criticism is always good, no offense taken ^^

      As I’ve replied to Marzz, I’m not really good with new people xD and since we haven’t even really talked much, it’ll be much harder to meet up with you. I’d be more comfortable with meeting up with the regulars though, no offense yea?

      I hope I’ve answered all your questions and replied properly ;D

  9. rockleelotus says:

    OMG successful trip is successful!! nice gets and congrats on obtaining your own camera 😀 seeing RG RX78 and Qan[T] more often has been tempting me lol

  10. White Angel says:

    wah banyak dapat bro ada gambar juadah berbuka puasa pulak tu

    are those gundam and loots for raya haha

    baju raya tak beli ke? or are you gonna wear gundams for this raya hahahaha=p

  11. mangyver5223 says:

    better watch out with the palm of RG Gundam since if u play it roughly, it may pop-up easily and become loose. Then you should beware with thin outer armor piece since some of them are weak and can break easily when u apply force to it. I’ve faced those experiences with RG 😛

  12. chubbybots says:

    I think our Singapore economy just went up due to your purchase lol!!! Awesome loots man…….you bought in equivalent to what I bought in six months at one go….lol..

  13. divinelight says:

    that’s a great loot.
    Iphone 4, Lumix, wowwwww

    The-O, well, not my type, but RG is… not really a fun build I think… but really like the finished model.

    Well, my loot post will be around weekend, have to wait the last shipments.

  14. John says:

    I’m only interested with the camera… the image quality is outstanding – really can catch up with DSLR quality…. GF1, would love to get it but can’t afford it 😦

  15. John says:

    Oh yeah, how much you pay for the GF1 in Singapore?

  16. MaftyNavue says:

    faddy doing some pawning again eh?

    as always your loots makes a lot of people, especially me drolls >.<

  17. rndm says:

    OMG! Another successful looting by faddy! :O
    Singapore’s Economy: 🙂
    Darn man, there’s no other way for me to describe this loot other than your family is pretty rich… which has been said already. You lucky guy.

    Nice loot nonetheless. Quite shocked you bought a NEW CAMERA, NEW PHONE, effin’ POKEMON HEART GOLD and… okay, I’ll stop there. XP

  18. eighteleven says:

    lol, just like rocklee said, Successful trip is successful xD

    I’m indirectly trying to help Japan’s economy LOL. Gundams, pokemon, panasonic, figma gahahahha

    I’m just thankful to be this lucky 🙂

  19. heathorn says:

    all hail king faddy!!!
    faddy your really immortal…..

    mmm….is that cempedak? I love the smell

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