Momotaros gets impatient

Yeah, I haz examsss going on~ ._. Last paper tomorrow though! woot woot!

I didn’t buy this figure btw, won it through a competition held by Shewsbury Land a few weeks ago? Or wassit a month ago ^^ I’m quite surprised at how well he can be in a sitting position that’s why you only see the same pose in all 3 pictures xD

I know nothing about Momotaros or Kamen Rider but my cousin keeps nagging me to watch at least Den-O since he said it’s really funny..and watch Den-O I will..after my exam is over

Back to studying! Woooosh~


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4 Responses to Momotaros gets impatient

  1. bd77 says:

    Ryoma: Feh~ Me and Kouji also can sit cross-leg like that. Eh, Kouji?
    Kouji: Uh… Yeah… Now, STOP TWISTING MY ARM~! GUH~!
    Setsuna: *ahem* (note: 00 could also sit cross-leg perfectly)
    Ryoma: AH~ You too.

  2. tsukinari says:

    Iijan! Iijan Sugejan!

    I dont really like the series actually…its aims for kids imo.. Im more into Kabuto and Kiva.. altho Sword-Form is nice~

    lol bd~ ^^;;

  3. rockleelotus says:

    good luck on your exams and congrats on the win, winner!

    im not a fan of den-o ^^;; it a pretty popular series tho ive only seen like 1 or 2 episodes lol

  4. heathorn says:

    the pose and caption really match, even momotaros looks like he has a sad face in those photos.

    btw good luck for your exam faddy!

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