Patrolling..A new challenger appears!?

Yes I’ve also bought figma Saber Alter. I grabbed her without even realising. Figma ritsu, mugi and saber alter all in one go. Impulse? Of course not!


Ok the real story was that I went to the shop cause I wanted to get Revoltech Jack skellington, Nicholas D Wolfwood and Vash the stampede

Lo and behold, their shipment of figmas just arrived and most of the new figma boxes were put on display on the shelf. Instead of looking for the 3 revoltechs, I stared at the 3 figmas that caught my eye instead. I was gonna buy all 3 figmas and revoltechs in one go IF I could.. but then my wallet said otherwise LOL. Since I just got figma Yui a few days before, I decided to just go with K-On figmas and saber alter figma was on my wishlist too. Sadly Mio was nowhere to be found or else I would’ve gotten her too. The shop said they’d have Mio in next month’s shipment >.>

Looks like I’ll be visiting the shop again next month… orz(Hopefully Azusa and BRS will be in that shipment as well =D)

Yup, and that’s what really happened ^^


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16 Responses to Patrolling..A new challenger appears!?

  1. bd77 says:

    HOLY CHEEESECAAAAAAAAKE~! You also bou… You kisama-tachi~! XD

    There goes my… urr.. “surprise”… *shakes fist*

    Wait… Why Dark Saber looking for… I get it, a match as there can only be one, right? =D

    Hang on the minute, why… is Yui holding a gun… that’s NOT good. Well… Could’ve been worse…

    Marisa: Worse as in an ordinary witch holding a twin buster rifle?
    Me: Ye… WTH~!? O_o;;;

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL what “surprise”? o.o

      I don’t really know much about Dark Saber though >.> just randomly decided to make her look for the normal Saber xD

      Yui holding anything other than a guitar is NOT good *nods* *nods*

  2. chubbybots says:

    Yui holding a gun is so wrong lol!!! And great effects with dark saber dash and slash!

    But that is one huge impluse buy lol!!! I did have a slightly smaller impulse buy too 😛

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL yup, very wrong. Thanks I just shook the camera to the side just when I clicked on the shutter button xD ended up like that so I just left it unedited hahahaha

      Like I said!! Not really impulse! >.>



  3. me says:

    more gundam please=s

    • eighteleven says:

      Unfortunately with my school schedule nowadays, I can barely touch on my gunpla at all LOL so don’t expect any gundam updates any time soon. My apologies T.T”

      • me says:

        same here am busy too… i only get to build part by part a HG can take a week for me to build busy busy busy cant wait for ramadhan holiday hehehe so to forget the thirt build gundam hehehe

  4. tsukinari says:

    WAIT WAIT!!!! U GOT FIGMA DARK SABER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ORZ

    She is my …. ops.. almost spit it out~! 😛

    Definitely impulse 😀

    • eighteleven says:

      She’s your..? Next loot? Acquired loot? don’t leave me hanging man! LOL

      Pfft..impulse is just some fancy word that gets used way too often nowadays =D


  5. hiroy_raind says:

    oh wow, seeing Yui holding a gun totally made my day LOL

  6. TAKET0MB0 says:

    Yui sure does look like a psycho holding that thing XD!

  7. heathorn says:

    you can (not) deny faddy, it’s another impulse buy! 😀

  8. eyeshield says:

    great koma you have here,
    mind exchanging blog adress ^^

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