Random K-ON!! moments

Sawa-chan’s a pokemon!?

(Might include some very minor spoilers? Read on if you don’t really mind. I’m not quite sure myself if they’re spoilers or not LOL)

LOL Yui said this line in the latest episode(10) of K-ON!! while they were stalking her xD This is coalguy’s sub by the way so I dunno if this correct or not but it’s funny either way since Yui would definitely say this since she’s so random xD

I think Yui’s getting really..blur and in her own world these past few episodes, more so than the previous season, take the line below for example:


I thought this whole scene was pretty funny in episode 8:

And here’s another random screenshot from episode 8:

Pineapple heads!!!!!!!

Interesting note: There’s a snake in that scene but none of the kids were scared o.O?! or maybe they didn’t notice since they’re too busy being distracted by Mio’s moe-ness:

Just kidding~:

Turns out there never was any snake, or cat, or PINEAPPLE HEADS!! =( I’m disappointed~ I really wanted them to have pineapple heads ;_; Oh well~ There’s always next time when some random anime will have people with pineapple heads, at least there’s this dude:

Holy crap!! A starhead!!!! LOLWTF?! And no he’s not from K-ON!!, that would just be too freaky. I’ll probably save this other anime for another post, this one’s just too freaking random and awesome *thumbs up* Also includes this crazy person:

LONG HAIRED KAPPAAAA!!!!! W.T.F!!!! *explodes*


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13 Responses to Random K-ON!! moments

  1. tsukinari says:

    Sawako FTW!! lol… DEATH DEVIL ROX!!! lol… I love the latest eps its goooooooooooooood

    lol kappa orz

  2. zoidiect says:

    This Is Japan?



    lololol, now that i still didnt watch the second season…im pretty shocked…i say

  3. chubbybots says:

    Luckily i don’t watch k on…or else a certain black hair nendoroid will be on my table…haha!

  4. MaftyNavue says:

    what the…

    is this the 2nd season of K-on??
    I haven’t watched this!!

    • eighteleven says:

      Yup, 2nd season of K-On, they just added another exclamation mark to signify that it’s the 2nd season LOL

      K-On! – First season
      K-On!! – Second season


  5. Syful says:

    2nd season already out??? GET GET GET!!

  6. divinelight says:

    I don’t watch k on too, even though I really like KyoAni productions.
    I wonder when will they move on to a more complex drama again like Clannad…

    the next KyoAni production will be a 4-koma again… duh…

    • eighteleven says:

      Ah Clannad, my favourite anime of all time(for now xD) that was such an amazing anime LOL

      Another 4-koma huh..oh well, that’s what’s most likely to profit them right now I guess

  7. heathorn says:

    lol is the last one from arakawa?
    I watched the first episode and it’s really random

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