Stark Jegan WIP#1

Madness ensues!

Need to clean those up..and maybe add a couple more layers of yellow?

Not as smooth as I wanted it to be but that’s fine I guess xD

Painted the v crotch logo with yellow gundam marker! Damn bandai didn’t even give any yellow sticker to those who don’t intend to paint. Actually there aren’t any stickers AT ALL to cover up the parts which are non accurately coloured like most of the vents. Hmm~

And here’s the result for today. The rest need time to let the paint dry up first xD Painted the front and back cameras with a metallic blue marker and those chest vulcans(I think?) with a silver marker. Other than that, I just panel lined everything else. I took 4 hours today and all I built was the head and chest!? LOL Waiting for paint to dry was really boring @_@

I’m quite surprised at the amount of detailing found on this kit. Since this is my first HGUC, I’m pretty impressed ^^ No inner frame or details on the inner parts like most MGs but that’s to be expected. I’m also surprised at how small the parts were, kind of hard to handle since I’m too used to master grades.

Till then, see you on the next WIP


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26 Responses to Stark Jegan WIP#1

  1. bd77 says:

    Hoho. Looks like you’ve started with the Stark Jegan first (was expecting the normal Jegan, thought).

    Modern HGUC kits are actually mini MG kits and since they’re small, so no inner frame parts (unless you count the semi-inner frame like thigh of the Jegan).

    BTW, the ones on the chest are machine cannons (larger version of vulcans).

  2. John says:

    Cool wip but what happen to the MG strike freedom review?

    • eighteleven says:

      Err I actually need to review mg rx78-2 ver 2.0 first since I finished him earlier. I only do reviews when I have the mood so yeah, sometimes it’ll take awhile for me to review something ^^

  3. zoidiect says:

    *looks at V at crotch*


    neat indeed

  4. TwilightReap says:

    thought you were gonna start with the ReZEL! i mean who does not like coat hangers! xD

  5. chubbybots says:

    Fwah nice start man 😀 welcome to the world of 1/144 ^^

    Manliness > Hardons lol

  6. MaftyNavue says:

    woot awesome… but makes me remember again your loot..

  7. moemoekyun says:


  8. divinelight says:

    I like Rezel better than Jegan, but Stark Jegan is better than Jegan too, while I can’t really differentiate Rezel Commander Type with the mass products.

  9. tsukinari says:

    Nice~… so what u think on the finisher compound?? good? XD

    U should have build Kshatriya first!!! 😛

  10. rndm says:

    Oooh, Stark Jegan first. It looks pretty nice so far.

    Yes, HGs do take a bit more time to do as the parts can be quite small to handle. XP

  11. Marzz says:

    Nice! I never paint the inside of thrusters…. Now that i have got yellow tamiya paint, maybe i should do for those in the future! Hmm….. Interesting….

  12. Garuda says:

    Hey Fadhli,
    I’m going to Md you know hehehe
    My class is Be 4
    Whats yours?

  13. Lylibellule says:

    Indeed the amount of parts is impressive for this kit! How courageous of you to build all this!

  14. keionfan says:

    The yellow detailed part really stand out,in a good way.

  15. keionfan says:

    The yellow detail really stand out,in a good way.

  16. h4mster says:

    yup, HGUC are a lot smaller 😀 I kinda like it that way though, since it didn’t cost me a lot of paint 😀

  17. heathorn says:

    so stark jegan is first, or you want to build based on MS appearance in order just like in the OVA, hahhaa

    lots of runners
    next you should build kshatriya faddy ^^

  18. Jacques says:

    the thrusters looks very well done, this is something i should and learn from. Btw, did you paint the stark jegan with gunpla markers?

  19. Katsura-chan says:

    I’m always amazed how many parts are in there O_o
    It must use a lot of room to assemble all of them ? And you have to paint everything too ?? So much patience and self-control …

  20. John says:

    MAN !!!!!!

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