Suddenly acquired loots?!

What the?! More loots?!

Nothing much though, not as crazy as the previous loot xD

MG Red Frame Kai and MG God Gundam. 2 types of abrasives, a compound set(sadly no tamiya compound set was available) and 3 gundam markers for lining(2 black and 1 grey)

Red Frame..I was too bloody tempted by the freaking shiny swords and fortunately(unfortunately for my wallet), my friend’s gunpla shipment just arrived, and I quickly went to his house to buy these xD

God Gundam, well I’ve been trying to grab hold of this for awhile and it’s getting a lil hard to find, but since they just started the clear parts campaign.. god gundam has started appearing for sale again wooo~

Compound set, well I wanted to try out but sadly my friend couldn’t grab hold of some tamiya ones so I just grabbed these instead. It says finisher’s compound. I’m sure it’s not that much different right? >.> if they are different from tamiya ones then unlucky me I guess lol

Abrasives..he only had p800 and p1000 in stock so I took them both LOL

and finally some markers for lining. I quickly ran out of black marker after using them on some master grades T.T” so I grabbed 2 more =D restocking hahaha


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32 Responses to Suddenly acquired loots?!

  1. bd77 says:


    Moar l00ts~!? This is madness. No…
    This is… orz

    Figma Canaan, didn’t expect her though. She’s very gung-ho like Yoko.

  2. White Angel says:

    want to seem them built=)

  3. zoidiect says:



  4. tsukinari says:



    that finisher compound, I was going to buy it but got Tamiya’s instead LOL.. tell me hows the quality of the product when u use it :D…

    time to use panel wash!!!!!! XD

  5. moemoekyun says:

    hmm godd luck don’t end like chubby your backlogs already 14-18 I quess

  6. chubbybots says:

    Chubbs : No this madness…

    Blueframe to chubbs….

    This is gunplaaaaaa!!!!!!

    Man you bought in one day what I buy in 3 months…..

  7. heathorn says:

    faddy… are in the darkest side

  8. luffy237 says:

    LOL, nice haul. that’s a good catch phrase

    “THIS IS GUNPLA!!!!”


  9. MaftyNavue says:

    Woot.. I already smell the next loot is coming.. ahahaha
    you got the Red Frame earlier than me.. so I guess I’m counting of your work for review fad ehehe..

  10. divinelight says:

    faddy, do you have backlogs before these March loots?
    if yes, you could stack them like Z’s…

    so, you go red, and I go blue ^^

  11. Marzz says:

    Red frame! Mine should be arriving soon next week i hope….

  12. rndm says:

    (currently not at home)
    Wow, Faddy. I so need to assault your home base one day and collect your loots. You just hauled in such a huge loot in a such a short! >.<

    Nice loot anyways. Too bad it hasn't arrived over here for me or else I'll be the one with the huge loot (but totally will be inferior to yours). XP

  13. T says:

    Actually the tamiya compound has two more available. Coarse and fine. Finisher is used after those two are applied for a shiny and smooth surface like those you see on the MG Qubeley.

    And by abrasives I would think you mean sandpaper..ideally 800 and 1000 is suited for smoothing out the sanding done by higher grit sandpaper. Personally I use 400 and 600 grits to get rid of nubs and 1000 for the final sanding before moving onto the polishing compound.

    Hope the above was useful.

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