Fun photoshoot with Exia

Everyone knows how much I hate my MG Exia, but you know what? After having some quality time with this kit again and posing it slowly this time, it was actually quite fun to take the pictures! I know I dissed him like hell in my review and maybe my opinions are probably not as bad as before. He’s still quite loose and his gimmicks are more annoying than useful, but in the end, I realise he’s not such a bad kit after all. He deserves a better photoshoot by me, and I guess it was finally time to retake some pictures with him ^^

*Warning* Pictures might be too awesomely bright for some people, so please use sunglasses if you cannot handle the awesomeness of pure sunlight ;D heheheh jk jk~

Wow it got a lot brighter as time went by LOL I love me some bright pictures~ Natural sunlight is awesome ;D if you guys think it’s too bright, them my apologies. My eyes are probably spoilt since I find the pictures just nice Hahahahah >.>


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31 Responses to Fun photoshoot with Exia

  1. rndm says:

    Mission Complete!
    Weapon Get!
    Exia gained… Sanada’s Weapons!

    Exia: >D
    Sanada: DX
    Exia: Okay, back to me time.
    Sanada: Wait, my weapons!

    Yeah, natural sunlight is always great. I don’t know if it is too bright though since the brightness of my monitor is downright low. XP

  2. keionfan says:

    Exia Setsuna F Seiei next mission time.

  3. luffy237 says:

    how about amuro vs setsuna next? 😛

  4. bd77 says:

    Sanada got 0wned… And the scene went silent.

  5. John says:

    Lols thats the best comic strip i have ever seen keep it up man

  6. moemoekyun says:

    why why not 6 swords VS 7 swords sounds more *_*
    hahaha nice man 😀

  7. zoidiect says:

    pwned with a slash only

  8. Marzz says:

    Lol, how could sanada take on exia with just 2 blades?? Exia has 7 swords!!!!

  9. divinelight says:

    MG Exia is far better than NG Exia.
    it’s just so skinny compared to MG…

  10. MaftyNavue says:

    Exia is a great MG fad, even it has a lot of problems..
    (yeah I know.. it’s very loose.. can’t stand well >.< etc, etc)

    but still it's a good MG, it design characteristic is unique..
    it's clear green parts too is a plus for me.. not to mention it's melee weapons..

  11. rockleelotus says:

    man vs machine… machine wins!lol the first two close up shots are kewl! MG Exia design is very good, however the weak ankles and bad GN sword connector make him hard to play with/pose XD

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL well, sanada was too crazy to fight a machine with 7 swords like everyone says xD and thanks ahhaha

      Yup, weak ankles and unusual gimmicks that don’t really do well are bad @_@

  12. chubbybots says:

    Ah glad you are slowly warming up to MG Exia ^^ One thing though he must be placed on those action base permanently to be stable!!!

    Maybe exia growing with powarrr that is why the pictures are bright haha!! Give him some red glow trans am 😀

  13. tsukinari says:

    nice exia.. ORZ tempted to ninja build mine ORZ…

    poor sanada pwned by a gundam orz..

  14. heathorn says:

    gundam vs human

    only master asia can win that fight!

  15. LEon says:

    So fast? One move and that’s it? Am either Exia too strong or the opponent too weak. LOL

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