Strike Freedom FBM WIP#4

Yup, I’m still sick, so no crazy random WIP stories for this one ^^

So here’s the legs, on the left is fully assembled and detailed and on the right still in it’s inner frame

The one on the right isn’t fully detailed yet,

One of the detailing I did is colouring the inside of that grey part with red, which is what it looks like on the manual and box pictures

Here is another part where I’m detailing, the really white part on the ankle guard sides as shown below:

Painted it gold, as I followed the manual again ^^

And here’s how he looks like when he’s completed *without the wing unit and weapons(except for the side rail cannons)

Ugh, blurry picture T.T” Super shaky hands when I took this xD

There you go, I did this all right after eating a panadol pill o.O LOL I started being tired when building the waist unit and that’s why the pictures aren’t really interesting or something heheh. Alright, Wing unit and weapons left!


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22 Responses to Strike Freedom FBM WIP#4

  1. zoidiect says:


    despite being sick ^^;;

    but you’re sure managed to paint neatly although still sick ^^

  2. White Angel says:

    go get a lot of deserved rest and get well… gunplas can wait…

  3. moemoekyun says:

    no drossel >_>
    no koizumi <_<
    no lovely scene -_-???

  4. Marzz says:

    Wow, you are sick, yet still can build gunpla. I commend you for your SPIRIT!!! I dun think i could have done that if i were sick…..

  5. bd77 says:

    Sono ike wa yoshi, that’s what Zengar would’ve said, meaning, “That’s the spirit”.

    And soon, Mr Jebus himself will rain upon unsuspecting toys in your collection. XD

  6. MaftyNavue says:

    this is the positive thing of gunpla..
    gunpla can make we feel rejuvenate.. (what the…)

    hahaha.. well as long as you well it is okay I think..

  7. divinelight says:

    i always build gunpla when I’m sick lol, just like medicine. (just once because start gunpla recently).

    shaky… you need a tripod, find a gorillapod if you like a small and flexible tripod.

    oh yeah, because you’ve just made the leg, I remember that another of my blogroll friends is also building the kit, except it’s a Hongli ^^.

    Think he’s a direct opposite from me, I move from Hongli to Bandai in starting with MG ABF, and he moves from Bandai to Hongli, starting with MG Destiny.

    • eighteleven says:

      Yeah I’m looking for a gorillapod but I can’t find any original ones being sold here T.T” I guess I need to order one online then lol.

      Hongli to Bandai = good
      Bandai to Hongli = bad

      LOL well, to each his own anyway, could be that Honglis are good for experimenting xD

    • divinelight says:

      not the complete opposite I guess, he still bought Wing Zero ver.Ka which made me wanna buy too… >_<
      just like me, he bought any Bandai as long as it doesn't reach more than 5000yen.

    • eighteleven says:

      Ah..Wing Zero ver ka, very nice master grade ^^ I totally recommend getting it, just be ready with the crazy ver ka dry transfer decals LOL

    • divinelight says:

      no, I prefer Wing Zero Custom because of his wings (and clear part from clear parts campaign), I’ll custom the color to match ver.Ka, don’t really like the normal Wing Zero Custom color. already book a seller, get it in end of March.

    • eighteleven says:

      Ooo Wing zero custom, another nice model kit..well I haven’t built it yet though xD I’m thinking of custom painting it too with my own colours but I’ll have to see if I’m brave enough to do that LOL

    • divinelight says:

      try it with your pg astray red frame LOL.
      nope, just try with your 1/144 or buy a bootleg ^^

  8. John says:

    Very good effort due being sick and still modeling i dont hink i can do that and for the angle gaurd you painted it gold with gundam marker?

  9. keionfan says:

    WoW if I was sick I would only be at the computer or on the bed,really strong determination you have there.

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