What’s your favourite video game?

Yeah nothing to do with figures or gunpla, but my blog is home to random stuff too ^^ and that includes video games!

Anyway, I was just wondering what everyone’s fav video game was. I love playing first person shooters like call of duty or halo and also some strategy games like command and conquer and DotA(although I seriously suck at this ^^) Actually I love every genre of video gaming LOL as long as the game is fun, then I’ll play it

But those aren’t my favourite video game of all time. That title would have to go to…

Tadaa! The PS1 game, Final Fantasy 8!

Yup, none of those shiny new games on my 360 or my ps3 can ever live up to this game! Although..Uncharted 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2 is pretty close…but nothing beats the classics!

Why do I love this game so much? I honestly don’t know. A lot of people loved FF7 but I guess I didn’t join the gaming scene early enough?

This is the only game that I bought an original copy of(nyeh, you CANNOT find any original PS1 games here..) bought it online through play-asia last year? Or wassit 2 years ago..

Interestingly enough, I never finished the game o.o And this is probably where my habit of never finishing my games started. I stopped at Ultemecia’s castle in disc 4? I’ll probably have to go back and revisit this old title, blow away the dust from my old ps1 and finish off this badass game! I even bought the OST for this game LOL

Because I have not finished playing this game, I am not able to review it just yet, and I have no experience reviewing any game so I might just make a fool out of myself xD

All I know is that I love this game and that’s all that matters. The graphics might be sucky compared to today’s standard but I will always treasure this game as it will forever be my favourite game of all time, and It’s gonna take a lot to dethrone that status in my list. If they make an FF8 remake for the ps3 I’d be so happy that I’ll explode and lock myself in a room and play the game for a few days straight =D

So..What about you guys? What’s your favourite game of all time? Doesn’t matter if it’s on an old system. Heck I wouldn’t even care if it was pong! That just shows how retro you are ^^


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32 Responses to What’s your favourite video game?

  1. evangelisque says:

    I love the Pokemon series. Sure, besides location change, Pokemon change, there’s hardly any variation between the games, but it was a game that left a very big impact on me as I grew up. I got into anime thanks to Pokemon, one of my favourite manga is Pokemon Adventures, and 10++ years on, I’m still playing Pokemon games. XD

    There’s just something very addicting about those games that makes me want to complete as much as possible in one sitting. XD Plus they add a LOT of functions to new games, but they try not to take away old ones. So, even though you’re holding a brand new game in your hands, you’re playing it more or less the same way as you’d have done 10 years ago. There’s something charming in that for me. xD

    • eighteleven says:

      Ah yes, the pokemon series. I love the retro Red, Blue, Yellow ^^ I never got to play Gold/Silver fully as I wasn’t really into the newer ones that time.

      And then I went and played the Diamond version and so many things have changed o.o

      I’m sure a lot of people’s childhood was dominated by pokemon ^^ be it the games, anime or like my friends and I, the trading card game =D ahhaha

    • divinelight says:

      I finished Yellow, almost finish Gold, but already tired with the rest LOL
      I like Pokemon manga, and their variations (many writers wrote Pokemon, so the title still Pokemon :D)

  2. heathorn says:

    Hm…favourite video game for me is Lufia.
    Yes, Lufia and the fortress of doom, SNES.

    • eighteleven says:

      Hmm Lufia…sounds familiar. Sadly I’ve never played it before since I don’t have a SNES ^^ What genre issit? RPG?

      • heathorn says:

        ah yes, it’s and RPG.
        I don;t play rpg that much, but it’s still my fave game.

        oh, you mean the exact same one as the SNES, rise of the sinistrals?

        I played a lufia series also in gba, lufia and the ruins of lore, but I don’t really enjoy that one, stopped halfway ๐Ÿ˜€

    • divinelight says:

      it’s the RPG, only RPG. turn-based.
      finished the first in SNES, and also Lufia 2 in SNES (great graphics updates :D)

      And don’t worry if you don’t like the graphics because Lufia 3 is coming (with Japanese title, I forgot), remade from Lufia 2 in NDS.

  3. bd77 says:

    Mine: Descent- FreeSpace2 (1998) and Star Wars – Tie Fighter (1994)
    Yes, classic vintages. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. rockleelotus says:

    i would prolly say FF7, played it multiple times years ago. it was also my first Final Fantasy game ^^

    • eighteleven says:

      Ah an FF7 fan ;D my first FF was 8 so it stuck to me and became my favourite ^^

    • divinelight says:

      First I encounter FF7, I don’t even know RPG genre, so I pass.
      After finish FF10, I return to finish FF7, so a much late ๐Ÿ˜€

      FF series that I didn’t finish are FF1 (graphics problem >___<), and the last is FF12 (language problem, got Japanese, because the US can't run in my system).

      And the only FF I don't play is FF11 and haven't play FF13.

  5. chubbybots says:

    Mine ^^ hehe Super Robot Wars Alpha 3…all the wonderful mecha, graphic, hot bloodedness in one neat package!! Plus I can have Char, Amuro, Heero all on the same team ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Katsura-chan says:

    Lots of games marked my life. I’m a long time gamer lol. Started with NES and Mario Bros ^^
    I always loved platform games but only in 2D, don’t like 3D on this particular type of game.
    Love FPS, RPG, strategy … i can’t pick a particular games there’s too many games !
    Talking about Final Fantasy, the one i played the most is FF7. First on PS1 and i did everything i could on this game. I sold my PS1 and bought it again on PC and did everything again looool
    I can think Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Starcraft, KOTOR, Mass Effect, Metroid …. lol so many ^^

    • eighteleven says:

      NES?! Man that is old school! *salutes* I only started gaming when PS1 came around as I was probably too young to even know how to play games before that xD

      Ooo another FF7 fan LOL I couldn’t really get into it after playing 8 but it was an awesome game nonetheless ^^

      You play Resident evil, KOTOR AND Mass effect?? Awesome!

      I absolutely loved RE4, even though a lot of people said it strayed away from the resident evil roots, at least I could bear with it since I can’t really handle scary games xD

      KOTOR I never finished, sadly T.T” It was a fun game! If only I can find where I keep my old xbox hahaha

      And Mass Effect, I really wanna finish playing it before ME2 comes out but my xbox360 is very problematic right now even after fixing it 3 times! Gahh!

  7. moemoekyun says:

    touhou FTW ๐Ÿ˜€
    my fave are all fighting game and shooter like call of duty and medal of honour the WWII ver and for RPG I only follow the story not the game I hate playing RPG boring lol

    • eighteleven says:

      Some RPGs are pretty fun if you like the genre xD I love turn based RPGs even though many people are starting to dislike them hahaha.

      Fighting games are fun when you have someone to play with. I get bored easily since my sis doesn’t play games so I stick to single player games ^^ I loved WW2 games too, but after playing modern warfare, I couldn’t really get back to WW2. Only time I would go back to WW2 games are when I wanna use the Thompson SMG since I love that gun LOL

  8. Syful says:

    FINAL FANTASY 7 & RACING LAGOON HANDS DOWN!! along with some other games that i like, but most of all those two are the best games I ever played, SQUARE ENIX!! Remake them both!!!

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL I can see a lot of FF7 fans here ^^

      I’m sure SE will remake them, it’s not a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when” xD ahahha

      FF7 is too loved by the fans that it’d be crazy not to remake it with current gen graphics

  9. divinelight says:

    Okay, after replying others’ replies, now it’s mine ๐Ÿ˜€

    I played from NES and the first time I could still remember is Double Dragon, the beat-em-up game. Then move on to SNES, I play random genre, but not RPG nor simulation.

    Only in PS1 I played my first RPG: Legend of Legaia. That’s the truly masterpiece, too bad that the sequel in PS2 is… not that good. From PS1, PS2, NDS, PSP, XBOX360, and Wii, my focus changed to RPG.

    The greatest graphics by far is Star Ocean 4 (RPG) and [Prototype] (Action). But my favourite of all the time is Xenogears, the one game that makes me learn English (too many difficult English words). I have to play this three times to understand the vast universe of Xenogears, so deep and marvelous.

  10. Marzz says:

    My favourite series would be same as evangelisque^^ Pokemon!
    Reason being, first video game i ever played, Pokemon Yellow, can still remember it. And i like the series, even though people say they are repetitive, well, i still like the series! I have played every generation of Pokemon!

    • eighteleven says:

      Woah every generation, hardcore pokemon fan you are *yoda talk* LOL xD Yeah pokemon is an awesome game! Repetitive or not, it’s always fun to try and catch/train them

  11. rndm says:

    My favorite game… huh?
    Well, lets see… I mostly like games within the RPG, Action RPG or Strategy genre.

    The ones I like most can be said ARE;

    Pokemon; I played Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Sapphire (in Japanese), Pokemon Ruby. Haven’t really played the recent games though. I kinda got bored easily with them. Then again, I played with an emulator for those… Now that I have a real DS, I may play Pokemon and finally can play with another REAL person! =) (Eyeing at you two, Marzz and Evangelisque!) _.> Gotta love bashing stuff with a blunt oversized key. XD

    .Hack; This game has a very deep story that spans into novels and mangas as well. I really like .Hack GU especially since the game mechanics are improved and you can use more than just twin daggers (Haseo is a fun character to use and you know it). ^^ I even played .Hack GU Vol. 2 in Japanese a few years back just because I couldn’t wait for the English release. XP

    Yeah, I kinda don’t have a big fave like most people do. I just can’t really make my mind easily. >_<

    • rndm says:

      Darn, looks like some parts of the reply… disappeared. Orz
      There goes all that typing…

      • eighteleven says:

        When you said “Gotta love bashing stuff with a blunt oversized key” did you mean Kingdom Hearts? xD Since that’s the only game I know that has a key as the main weapon >.>

    • eighteleven says:

      Looks like more and more have pokemon in their favourite list ^^ It’s also on my list of favourites although the first generation ones were, to me, the most influential ones xD while playing the Diamond version felt fresh to me, it wasn’t as exciting as the first time playing yellow on my game boy colour LOL

      .Hack, sadly I don’t have a ps2 so I was never able to play the series T.T”

  12. White Angel says:

    My favorite game???

    PS God of War!!!!! i dont own a ps3 and wont know how good god of war 3 will be but Kratos rocks!!!!!

    and in PSP… Yu Gi Oh Tag force, Gundam Next Plus, Football Manager=)

    now i only play PSP i dont think i will get a ps3 or 360 no time to play much hahaha if i play no time for gunpla huhuh

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