Super tired

Man, I’m totally beat! Sorry, I won’t be able to update anything today xD School drained the energy out of me..actually I don’t even remember what happened today, probably from all the raining(which made me super sleepy) o.o

I fell asleep right after coming back from school, LOL KO’d~(no not K-On’d xD)

and since tired = no imagination, therefore I can’t make any figure/gundam stories today heheh.

Thank you all for understanding ^^

*back to sleep again*


About PlutonianXRevolver

Love figurines, anime, gunpla, games, etc :D
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6 Responses to Super tired

  1. divinelight says:

    LOL, so now it’s your turn make this kind of post šŸ˜€
    Don’t worry, don’t need to make a post/day, I missed a day in my blog too.

    Wonder if I have my tripod delivered today, if yes, then I’ll update, if not, I’ll pass.

  2. bd77 says:

    Moral of the story: Always bug out when got the chance. XD

  3. rockleelotus says:

    you bastageee, wheres the figure/gundam storyyyy?!?! T_T

    lol j/k take it easy šŸ˜€ its grey and raining here too, making me depressed haha

  4. heathorn says:

    Ahh, sleeping during a rainy day, must be nice ^^

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