100th Post! Appreciation post =D

This’ll be the 100th post =D

Well, All I wanna say is thanks to everyone that supported me through this blogging and hobby business. Whether you comment or poison me, doesn’t matter ^^ you helped me make this blog more exciting. πŸ˜€

I started blogging wayyy long ago, before I even collected gunpla/figurines. I probably made more than 6 blogs but none of them lasted more than a few months xD

This blog was opened on the 10th of May 2009. It was officially called Fadhli’s Gundam Blog at that time and I probably only had one or two viewers when I started out LOL

May 19th 2009 was when I finally received my first 2 gunpla. Master Grades Freedom and Strike E + IWSP:

Man, I even watermarked my pictures when I started out. Look at how lazy I am now Gahahahha xD

First WIP was also on that day, immediately when I received both of them ^^

Then came May 24th and my first review was posted:

Freedom’s review. I totally did not know what I was doing ^^ I dunno how far I’ve gone but I think that I’ve probably improved abit since my first review? xD

So what post got me alot of views out of nowhere?

Gundam Wing!

Yup, after posting this up, somehow my views boomed and my view count was way more than I expected. I dunno how this got my views up so much but the post was just some random bored post. It had totally ZERO information and I just posted it out of randomness LOL

A month later, I came back from Singapore and got my largest loot ever:

I’ve never spent so much on toys in my life! When I came back I was broke as hell LOL. Other than those gundams, I also bought a mobile phone, a 1 terrabyte harddrive, headphones and also got a free NDS Lite!

This was also the time that I was intoxicated with so much gundam that I started watching nearly all the gundam anime series back to back. I watched Seed and Seed Destiny first around May, I also watched Gundam 00 right after that. Then In June I watched Gundam Wing. Watched Gundam 0079 in August. Zeta, Turn A, G Gundam, Double Zeta I don’t remember which month I watched LOL. After all those I watched Char’s Counterattack. I still have X and Victory to go, but after watching so much in one go I think I had a gundam anime burnout and just didn’t feel like watching it anymore.

Jumping to October, I changed my layout’s theme colour. Why? Well it’s cause of this:

PG Red Frame! My first perfect grade! I also got another huge loot:

After this month, my gundam spending spree halted, the only gundam I got after this was MG Blue Frame and that was the last gunpla I bought in 2009. I spent so much that my wallet had a huge hole in it @_@

In November, my gunpla hobby took on a short hiatus while my gaming hobby kicked in full gear. Was busy playing video games the whole month and only got to finish Char’s Zaku xD

Then came December, probably one of my most active months in 2009. While I didn’t buy any gunpla, something else drained the contents of my wallet away..

Figurines! Figma and Revoltech! After getting these figurines, my blog seemed more lively ^^

It didn’t take long before I bought more figurines(the next day)

Arrival of figma Koizumi, who has become Drossel’s assistant in most of my posts,

Revoltech Yoko Movie Ver. and

Revoltech Gurren & Lagann

Suddenly my house felt more crowded, but it didn’t stop there~

These 5 were my final loots for the year 2009. My first 2 Nendoroids! They were soo cute when I saw them in real life! =D

And after what seemed like only yesterday of opening this blog, now I’ve got a few regular visitors(you know who you are, don’t worry I’ll thank you guys individually later) that come by and comment almost every new post.

One of the most influential blogger TO ME was Z of Gunpla-Inochi. His clean blog layout, his awesome reviews, his funny comments on random stuff are what definitely inspired me to open up my own blog. If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would’ve been that interested in gunpla. His “home look” on gundams was what was so interesting. He showed how gundams look out of the box, and not professionally painted to make it look better than they actually turn out to be. His clean gundams and the way he takes pictures of them was really awesome and I was hooked. I somehow stumbled upon his blog while looking for MG Freedom Gundam’s review. That definitely made me decide to purchase one for myself. His blog is really awesome and I hope he keeps up the good work ^^

My cousin, Double H also influenced me to open up my own blog. When he opened up his blog and started showing some of his collections, I started to take interest especially in the gunpla category ^^

And here’s the regular visitors:

Chubbybots – Awesome dude, has alot of useful tutorials and his nendoroid stories are so cute! ^^ thanks for visiting my blog regularly dude! Your nendoroid poisonings are VERY contagious by the way πŸ˜› And also congratulations that you’re getting married soon ^^

bd77 – Pro photoshop dude, scary tenti-yoko owner and his grunt units are always a funny read. You’re always one of the first to comment on any of my newest posts and I’m thankful for that, knowing that you regularly check my blog xD Stay strong with your superior poison shields~ LOL

moemoekyun – This dude knows how to guess man! I dunno how he does it! LOL You’re always saying I sacrifice my gunpla wishlist for the figurines I bought πŸ˜› Don’t worry dude, that wishlist is just a reference of what gundam I might wanna buy when I have the chance xD You’re also one of the first few to comment on my new posts ^^ thanks for always visiting dude! =D

marzz – Gamer dude! You can definitely take a beating from nendoroid poisonings by everyone and still can handle it all without crumbling. I applaud you for it! πŸ˜€

rockleelotus – Yoko Dutch wife ftw? LOL Your Nendoroid Saber story and Drossel’s technical difficulty story were so cute and funny man! Thank you for visiting regulary, I know you guys are awesome ;D

lylibellule – New visitor, but have been regularly commenting too ^^ Really love your photos as they come out clear and awesome. Thanks for visiting lyli! LOL

heathorn – Modding pro! I’m so envious of your mods since they’re all so amazing! I hope to be able to mod my gunpla just like you one day ^^

h4mster – I really like the way you take your photos, very nice ;D Your military models are awesome too especially with some of your modifications LOL

divinelight – Another new visitor. You’ve been commenting alot on my blog and I thank you for visiting ^^ Try and get more original bandai kits yeah? TT Hongli might be cheap but it’s the quality that matters, not the quantity. Can’t wait to see your pictures of the original bandai kits that you’re getting πŸ˜‰

white angel – I think you added me on fb before you started to comment on my blog? Thanks for visiting too! Glad to know more and more people are visiting and commenting heheh =D

syful – A commenter from my own country?! Rare enough! LOL We need to start a gunpla community here man, maybe have our own gunpla meets xD

Jojosochi – One of the first few that commented. I really admire how you paint your FGs and BBs. I really wanna see you build a master grade! And you’re also the other commenter from my country that comments sometimes ^^ thanks dude!

rndm – You’re blue frame review pretty much made me inspired to start building my own mg blue frame LOL really awesome poses you had man! I also thank you for visiting from time to time ^^

tsukinari – You’re custom paintjobs are awesome! And you use airbrush! That’s awesome enough for me dude Hahahah and I envy that you have Nendo Saber Lily =[ LOL JK xD
Dude I just realised I haven’t added you to my blogroll O.O

evangelisque – You comment sometimes and I appreciate that you do visit my blog =D Can’t wait to see your PG 00 built ^^

If I’ve left out anyone, please inform me. I’m having a bad stomachache right now and I can’t think properly xD Sorry if I’ve mistakenly missed out anyone. Just leave a comment and I’ll update this post accordingly ^^

And that’s it for my appreciation post. It’s all thanks to your support,comments and visits that my blog is still alive today. I don’t really care about how many hits I get. As long as there’s someone who comments on my post, that means there’s still someone out there who reads my blog ^^ And that will motivate me to post up something new each time ahaha hope you guys didn’t get bored by this long post? LOL Sorry for no RX78-2 WIP updates though ^^

If anyone’s blog hasn’t been added to my blogroll, please tell me. I’ll add you up ASAP ;D

Alright, I think that’s it. Time for me to rest and try and recover from this bad stomachache .

Lastly, Woooo! 100 posts! xD


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39 Responses to 100th Post! Appreciation post =D

  1. chubbybots says:

    Haha congrats man ^^. Of course the poisoning will continue lol πŸ˜€ I think I started slightly later than you and I first found your blog through your digirama haha!! thanks for the mention!

    Have a great year ahead dude!! 200th post!!

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL wow you commented fast πŸ˜‰

      No prob ahhaha you started later but look at you man, so many views and more popular ^^ it’s all in the content dude ;D ahahaha

      You have a great year too! More poisoning to the community aye? xD

  2. Syful says:

    congrats dude, now go post some more! ^^

  3. moemoekyun says:

    congrats for 100 post and awesome experience of gundam last year (and figures)

  4. moemoekyun says:

    ps the way you spent money is so scary @_@ you must be very rich dude (or at least your parents) almost as scary as those sharks boy(actar)

  5. bd77 says:

    Thanks πŸ˜€

    Shields very strong after getting a nendo. Reason: no other nendo that I like. XD

  6. moemoekyun says:

    anyway at least you have good experience not like me being milked by bandai for 11 years XD

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL being milked for 11 years is super horrible! Imagine if cows were milked for 11 years nonstop, they’d go ‘udder’ madness! AHAHHAHA ok that was a lame attempt >.>

  7. chubbybots says:

    Setusna in gundam 007s …Eliminate shields!! My blade can cut through any field!!!

  8. heathorn says:

    Congrats man!!
    Whoa, heathorn is mentioned, thx!! Though actually I am not a pro at all πŸ˜€

    You are so special, the only one whose comment often drops into my spam folder, lol XD

  9. moemoekyun says:

    @eighteleven casual buyers you said you are freaky buyers hope not make hole in bank account @_@

  10. rockleelotus says:

    congrats on the 100th posts!!! your WIP posts have been most entertaining XDD really enjoying your new figure stories too, keep it up man!!!! ^_^b

  11. evangelisque says:

    Congrats on 100th post!! o/ And thank you for the special mention; I’ll try and comment more from now on. XD Chiong for 200th, 500th, 1000th posts and so on!!
    PG 00R will have to wait until I have a long break and a nice new cabinet..

  12. divinelight says:

    congrats man.

    I’m rather envy you could have that much of Gunplas πŸ™‚
    Well, before starting Gunplas I’m a videogamer, so I spent most of my money for videogame (PS2, XBOX360, Wii, HDTV 32″ and so on).

    Well, maybe after 1-2 months I could change to quality over quantity, I’ll try see how my Masurao could change me though.

    • divinelight says:

      I guess I forgot that I also own NDS Lite, DSi, and PSP ^^

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL I’m a videogamer too, but ever since I realised that the awesome games didn’t come out till the end of the year, I decided to use the money on gunpla instead. ^^

      Sadly I don’t have an HDTV to fully utilise my consoles T.T” Maybe I should save up for one huh? xD

    • divinelight says:

      Yeah, it’s been a long time since I bought Assasin Creed 2. Waiting for Final Fantasy XIII though.

      Well, if you have XBOX360 or PS3, HDTV is a MUST (say, maybe next-gen console without HDTV is the same as bootleg gunpla πŸ™‚ )

  13. lylibellule says:

    Already 100 posts! Wooow! Congrats!
    Z from Gunpla-Inochi inspired you well because your blog is nicely presented and those little stories and greater and greater.
    I enjoy reading you regularly. And i hope your blog will live a loooooong time!!! (Not like your other blogs^^) And we readers will do everything to support you.

    Your collection evolved too and got bigger with the entry of Figmas and Nendos. Of course it’s more easy for me to comment on those figures instead of gunpla and gundams which i don’t know anything about.

    Thanks for listing me in your list. It pleases me a lot πŸ™‚ You have all my sympathy and i’ll stay a trustful reader πŸ™‚

    • eighteleven says:

      Hahaha Thanks and no problem ;D

      Yeah, figures are easier to comment for you, while gunpla and gundams might not be. Don’t worry I’ll churn out figure stories alongside my gundam works to cater to a broader range of audience who reads my blog ^^

  14. Marzz says:

    Congrats! Haha, i am included in the list…….
    Not crumbling so soon, man, not really hardcore otaku, so not getting any nendos or figures!!!

  15. rndm says:

    Ah, the 100th post mark. I myself already passed that and didn’t noticed. XD

    And, wow, you included me in your list! o.o I’m touched. ^^
    Then again, people don’t tend to forget about me easily in real life as well (my primary teachers still remember me!). So my review on my Blue Frame made you immediately want to build yours, eh? Thanks, glad to see that my review works! =D

    Wait, how did you get a free NDSL and get another Destiny EBM! Me want that Destiny! XP

    Hrm… hmm… your impulse spending is kinda scary… that’s a heck lot of big priced items in one go… I can’t even imagine myself buying that much in one shot. o.O

    *shifts focus back to lecture notes*

    • eighteleven says:

      xD no prob

      I got the free NDSL cause they had a promotion at Takashimaya in SG. Buy $300 or more on toys and get one NDSL for free. Only applies to foreign visitors ^^

      The other Destiny was for my friend. He gave me the money to by for him ahahahhaha

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