4th Day of MG Blue Frame’s Construction

Day 4 of construction(29/12/09)

Drossel:"Hmm..what's this~?"

Drossel:"Omg, it totally matches for me as an accessory!"

Koizumi:"Ojou-sama!" Drossel:"What is it Koizumi?"

Koizumi:"We have to continue Blue Frame's construction today" Drossel:"Oh right! I totally forgot about it"

Koizumi:"Since the bottom half is done, I'm guessing we're building the body today?" Drossel:"Correct!"

Drossel:"I'll cut off the parts and you shave off the nub marks" Koizumi:"As you wish Ojou-sama!"

Drossel:"Good job my young assistant. Now let's start building!"

Drossel:"Tadah! Body inner frame completed"

Yoko:"Hello everyone!" Koizumi:"Yoko??"

Drossel:"Ugh..idiot human assistant! I'll never understand humans.."

Drossel:"Looks like I'll have to continue this myself.."

Drossel:"And thus, the body is completed"

Koizumi:"Woah!When did the body get done?" Drossel:"Pfft, I did it all by myself you idiot!"

Koizumi:"At least it's done right?"

Drossel:"Baka baka baka!!! You were supposed to help me out!!"

Drossel:"Heheh, I am soo gonna kill you.." Koizumi:"shiat!"

This is how my work in progress looks like so far ^^

*in the background*
Koizumi:”Ahhh!!! stop it Ojou-sama!!”
Drossel:”Yeah! You better run!”

And this is how it looks like with the sword attached to the back

*in the background*
Drossel:”Who’s gonna save you now huh!? You’re huge bouncy new girlfriend??”
Koizumi:”We were just talking!!”
Drossel:”You know how tiring it is to build by myself?!”


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23 Responses to 4th Day of MG Blue Frame’s Construction

  1. jojosochi says:

    Cool!! good way to present “Blue Frame Work in progress”

  2. jojosochi says:

    Keep up the spirit 😉

  3. eighteleven says:

    jojo: Haha thanks ^^

  4. bd77 says:

    That was a short screen time for Yoko… I was expecting her to blast the guy when he’s a “bit” funny.

    *p.s. Yoko is rather a hot-blooded combatant

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL Yoko’s not the main character in this WIP so yeah, short screen time for her 😛 and the dude needed to be alive so that he could be punished by Drossel instead ^^

      Don’t worry, I’ll take more pics of her soon 😛

    • eighteleven says:

      Dude! All my comments seem to land in your spam bin man T.T”!! Your anti-spam filter’s wayy to strict on me LOL xD

    • bd77 says:

      Blast doesn’t mean kill him on the spot… Look at Kouji in 4koma… uh, wait… he’s a super robot…

      Dunno about your comments, had fish yours most of the time….

  5. divinelight says:

    that’s an interesting way to show progress.
    That gives me the inspiration for next work.

  6. jei says:

    COOL~~ what camera r u using??

  7. rockleelotus says:

    Drossel will assimilate all items that match her hahaha and Yoko looks so good :3 amongst the chaos there was a gunpla being assembled right? 😛 so funny lol

  8. moemoekyun says:

    play game just make you forgot something else xdd
    keep going ^0^

  9. B-Mecha says:

    Nice work on MG blue frame :D. I love the big sword and I’m glad that Bandai gonna release MG Red Frame (somehow expected).

    May MG Red Frame be my 1st MG kit 😀

  10. Marzz says:

    Fast progress! I wished i could build kits as fast too……. I am distracted by games XD

  11. AstrayBlueFrame says:

    that was funny 😀

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