More loot?!

Oh snap! What else did you buy this time?

LOL here's a clearer picture from last time and yes, there's 2 newer additions!

Yes! 2 new figmas added! Figma Rin Tohsaka and Figma Drossel!! Looks like I’m really super poisoned by figmas now @_@ It’s all my cousin Double H’s fault =[ I blame him! Hahahahha
So from 2 Revoltechs and 1 Figma to 2 Revoltechs and 3 Figmas! The gundams have alot of new friends eh?

Revoltech Sanada Yukimura and Revoltech Date Masamune

Buy 2 and get a free poster! Awesome. It's a dual sided poster. Here's the Sanada side

And here's the Date side

Figma Saber armor version, Figma Drossel and Figma Rin Tohsaka

Figma Saber box closeup shot

Figma Rin box closeup shot

Figma Drossel box closeup shot

Yup! 5 new figurines~ Poisoned much? LOL

Anyway, I couldn’t resist not taking Saber out so…I just had a short photo session with her xD

I’m still new to figmas/revoltechs so I’m not really used to posing them, don’t mind the noobish pictures. Need to practice more with these figures! LOL that’s all for now. I’ll review them soon, need to start on Shining Gundam’s review before he kicks my ass ahahhaha. Thanks for reading 😉


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35 Responses to More loot?!

  1. Marzz says:

    You are seriously deeply poisoned man! Hope your wallet can stand the beating!

  2. tsukinari says:

    Omg… indeed what Marzz said.. u has been sucked into dark side nooo… I afraid that I might get sucked too lol

    anyways.. nice loot… ^^

  3. chubbybots says:

    Lol….you got the same number of figmas as I got in nendoroids…

    I know how your wallet feels dude….this is deep deep poison that we have gone into….

  4. chubbybots says:

    haha okay brother i’ll reclassify as figures 😀

  5. bd77 says:

    UWAH~! That’s a lot! Very lots. Rin, Saber AND Drossel! Along the ones from Sengoku no Basara!

    Play with posing, you soon get the hang of it. Revoltechs are a bit tricky when it comes to posing. When you’ve master it you can make even EPIC stories from them (Rin commands Saber in fighting Date and Sanda).

    • eighteleven says:

      Ahh cool cool, I’ll play around with the posing soon xD I already tried an awesome lunge/dash looking pose on Date, but that was just fiddling around. I’m sure I can find better poses after playing around some more

      Oh and is your Yoko the revoltech movie version?

      • bd77 says:

        Sadly no. Thinking getting her or… H**-*** or N**** Y*** or H*******. (this is to mask any predictions. But a hint)

        Some folks say she has a hamster-ish face, which I don’t think so. She’s quite cute whenever you see her. Look at my photoshoots of her. Best thing about Revoltech Fraulein, they can make use any 1/144 gunpla weapons 😀

        You’re tempted by the nendo side, eh?… v_v

  6. eighteleven says:

    bd77: Oh, and ur rite, she does look cute in all of ur photoshoots, thats why I was asking which version she was xD

    And yes, I’m VERY tempted by the nendo side. If I saw a Mio or a Yui or even Yoko nendo I would’ve snatched it right away and cry later cause of the huge burning hole in my wallet LOL ahahhaha

    • bd77 says:

      The movie ver is more like two additional faces, more toys (weapons) and… bust “upgrade”…

      You pose them properly and you’ll be amazed (some they can do poses that figmas can only dream of XD).
      But figmas wins in facial expressions.

      p.s. welcome to the Revoltech club.

      p.s.s. your wallet will have nasty hole afterwards…

      • eighteleven says:

        My wallet actually has a hole already, literally. I guess the phrase took a literal turn and really burned a hole in my wallet when I was busy(admiring the figmas and revoltechs) at the counter LOL

        And yeah, I agree that figmas have better facial expressions and I’m guessing that’s why people lean towards figmas more if they want a more accurate representation of their anime characters

  7. moemoekyun says:

    looks like chubby poisoned everyone with nendo ^^;;
    how can a gundam otaku turns buying figures
    for them it should be worth a MG or 2 HG ^^;; chubby you are awesome and 5 nendo is worth a PG ^^;;;

  8. eighteleven says:

    moemoekyun: LOL it’s alright, I guess I needed a change of scenery abit since I was overdosed by too much gundam ahahahahah xD

  9. Marzz says:

    Whoa, I hope i am still immune, after seeing u crumble…….. I am a little worried…..

  10. chubbybots says:

    its is only a matter of time Marzz…don’t delay the inevitable!!!

  11. rockleelotus says:

    super poisoned!! lol and you plan to get nendos too, your already forming an army! figmas are really fun and mixing things up a bit is refreshing 😛 as well as damaging to the wallet!

    • eighteleven says:

      LOL super poisoned indeed! And I have no idea what you’re talking about, building an army..pfft~~ >.>
      *hides figma and revoltech boxes* see~ Only gundams here~ Hahahhaha xD

  12. rndm says:

    Wow, that’s a lot. I guess I can call it Christmas shopping. XP

    Luckily I haven’t started “going to the darkside” as I don’t have any kind of budget to even try (yet) unless some sacrifices are made. ^^;

  13. eighteleven says:

    moemoekyun: Yeah sacrifices @_@

  14. lylibellule says:

    Apparently yes, you like your figmas 😀 Drossel is so cute.
    Sanada Revoltech also seem to be well made. And the poster…. pleases me a lot!!!! 🙂

    Is that possible to send me a banner of your blog please ? (200×60)

    • eighteleven says:

      Hehe yes I do like my figmas, I wanted to get all the fate/stay night figmas in one go but sadly the shop didn’t have the other 2 in stock T.T” The poster is awesome! I just wished it wasnt double sided, wish the 2 were separate so that I could display them both at the same time lol. And I just emailed you the banner for my blog, sorry if it turned out sucky..first time using photoshop, was just experimenting the text effect and stuff xD

  15. heathorn says:

    3 revos and 2 figmas at the same time….waaaaaa
    hope you can free yourself from this darkside 😀

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