Construction has started on Char’s Zaku!

I’m sorry for the super lack of updates, been playing video games nonstop! I even bought another game for my DS, Final Fantasy 4 and it’s brilliant! But this isn’t the post to talk about it, since…

I just started building gunpla again after quite a long absence from it =D

And yes, as you can see from the title, I’ve started on Char’s Zaku 2.0

At first I wanted to build Shining Gundam. After some failed attempt at painting the yellow parts gold, I’ve put that aside for now. I also wanted to start on Gundam mk2, titans version, but I haven’t bought any weathering kit yet and some minor paints.

So yeah, Zaku it is! As always, click on the pic below to go to his W.I.P page 😉

1/100 MG Char’s Zaku 2.0


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Love figurines, anime, gunpla, games, etc :D
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4 Responses to Construction has started on Char’s Zaku!

  1. bd77 says:

    This should a good build. Nothing like a wermacht (war machine) mobile to brighten a day up.

  2. rockleelotus says:

    ahhh i really want this kit too lol the tubes do look frustrating ^^;; keep it up!

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