Gundam X episode 1 lol~

Hahahha I just found this scene to be funny, and yes I just finished ZZ gundam and moving on to After War X Gundam 🙂


The thing he's holding on his hand is some kind of control unit for Gundam X, which he had no idea of


Ho-ho! Gundam X activate~ Looks like he's gonna believe in God now!


LOL! and Tiffa goes, "NO WAII~"

Seems like an interesting gundam series. Can’t wait to watch more episodes. As for ZZ gundam, it was pretty…boring at first. I hated Judau for being so cocky and whiny and stuff, but he kind of grew onto you by just abit. Halfway through the show it got better I guess especially when Judau matured but that was like 3/4 of the anime so it took awhile. Zeta gundam was wayyy better in my opinion ahahaha. Zeta’s probably my favourite mobile suit and when they showed the bulky ass firepower focused Double Zeta, I quickly hated it. What happened to the sleek, fast, mobility focused Zeta design!? It was like they totally took Zeta, made it bulky, add super huge beam sabers and a weird mega particle cannon on its forehead LOL. Judau even used the Zeta a few more times since the Double Zeta wasn’t very practical as it needed to dock its parts most of the times.

Ah well, now I’m currently waiting for Char’s counterattack to finish downloading and I can’t wait to watch it! SIEG ZEONN!! Ahem.. I mean.. Goo Amuro~


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6 Responses to Gundam X episode 1 lol~

  1. chubbybots says:

    Ah nice! Wait till you see Char’s counter attack….awesome movie. One of the best movies for gundam.

    Admit it you just like char!!! lol!

    Zieg Zeon!

  2. eighteleven says:

    Lol I just watched Char’s Counterattack this morning. Awesome movie indeed!

    And its no doubt that char is THE best antagonist of any gundam series ahahhaha Sieg Zeon!! Sieg Zeon!!

    For protagonist I like Kamille better than Amuro LOL and maybe even Domon, the most intense gundam pilot ever? gahahhaha

  3. bd77 says:

    The MS in MSG: CCA is ones I like the most (Sazabi, Jegan and Geara Doga). Story-wise, Char is shown to be a very complicated man (baddie-who-wants-revenge-for-family in MS: Gundam, then a good-guy-who-seeks-justice in Zeta and finally a man-who-wants-humans-to-evolve-by-throwing-BIG-rock-to-Earth in MSG: CCA).

    Jiku Jion.

    p.s. Jegans FTW! XD

    • eighteleven says:

      Yes, Char is a VERY complicated man. I think he’s also kind of a paedophile but he’s awesome that way AHAHHAhA JK xDD

      Jegans are awesome indeed! LOL but Nu and Sazabi are just awesome in their own rights =D

      • bd77 says:

        Get the HGUC Jegan and Sazabi. They’re worth to buy: cheap yet have an MG-style of assembly and posable.

      • eighteleven says:

        Thing is, I’m too pampered by MG that 1/144 high grades just won’t cut it anymore. The tiny scale makes it hard for me to clean up the nub marks. Even though the MG sazabi sucks in terms of articulation, I just love the huge size of it xD If only they made a version 2.0 of the sazabi with better proportions~ all of these are again, just my opinion so yeah.

        Anyway I’m staying away from gunpla right now. Somehow video game season is back in full force and my money’s ready to fly out for Call of duty modern warfare 2 and Assassin’s creed 2 ahhaha. I shall return to gunpla probably next month or so 😀

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