00 Movie Trailer

Nothing much other than the new gundams themselves. Watching them animated looks better than still pictures xD

Gundam Zabanya and Harute looks too similar to their previous designs in my opinion.
Gundam 00 Qan[T] and Raphael on the other hand looks totally wicked! Qan[T]’s colour scheme reminds me alot of Hi-Nu especially since it looks like he has some funnel/bit system going on whereas Raphael’s head looks alot like GP02

The pilots themselves, well Tieria looks alot calmer now, Lockon/Lyle looks cocky as always, Allelujah looks..like himself and to me Setsuna looks more mature, probably cause of the longer face perhaps? Ah well time will tell, can’t wait to watch it next year! xD

Also loved how they used Decisive Battle as the background music. I love that song! ahhahaha


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2 Responses to 00 Movie Trailer

  1. chubbybots says:

    This is one movie worth waiting for ^^ and also the eventual release of the gunplas 😀 haha. Can’t wait to see Setsuna and Tiera’s new mech in action. I quite like Tiera’s new mech…that bulk behind…awesome looking ^^

    • eighteleven says:

      Those arm cannon thingies attached to Raphael looks HUGE! and theres no question that Bandai will release the gunplas for this movie. I’m liking Qan[T]’s look, can’t wait to see it in action …and maybe..a master grade of it! xD

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