Hot damn its..its…GUNDAM!!

Gundammu Fightoo…Readdy…..



I was watching G gundam last time and noticed this rather unusual and out of place guy in the last episode…

Well they all look unusual in that anime but this guy stood out from the crowd~

Sneaky lil bastard!

Sneaky lil bastard!

Yes! It’s the granddaddy of all gundams! Gundam RX78-2 himself!! He had a shield and a beam rifle. Noone else had a shield or a beam rifle in that anime if I remembered correctly and when I saw this I went “Holy cow that’s him alright!” Wooot! Gooo Gundamm!!!


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2 Responses to Hot damn its..its…GUNDAM!!

  1. jojosochi says:

    Man, you really good in spotting these. cool~ hahaha

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