Ehh? Another wtf!

LOL I’m watching ZZ Gundam episode 7 right now and I saw something peculiar about this one scene that I had to take a screenshot of!



Look at the logo on the container….it’s…BANDAI!! LOL

In this scene they were transporting supplies to the Argama(the ship that houses Zeta gundam) such as vegetebles, meat, weapons, etc. I wonder what supplies Bandai were giving them? A master grade zeta gundam perhaps?! AHAHHAHA

Another thing to note is that the logo isn’t coloured the same as the normal Bandai logo. This is inverted, usually its white letterings on red background. Here it’s red letterings on white background. Interesting hmmmm~~

Yeah I didn’t know what else to post but I’ll be doing these “WTF?!” moments while watching gundam shows. I should post one of the ones I saw on G Gundam. It was interesting too but that’s for another post next time 😀

Sooo…that’s all for now xD


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2 Responses to Ehh? Another wtf!

  1. chubbybots says:

    Man how could I miss that lol^^ Got to rewatch that scene!! didn’t know bandai likes to put their logos in haha 😛

  2. eighteleven says:

    LOL I only saw that logo cause they had a cow logo on one of the other container. It was interesting to look at the logos then suddenly I saw this logo, immediately took a screenshot of it hahhahahah xD

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