RXN-0 Unicorn Rogue

Aahahhahaha I think I’ve lost my mind? Remember back when I said I gave up on my MG Unicorn? Well I did…but I built him anyway…

Yeah! How you like me now??!

Yeah! How you like me now??!

I fcked my unicorn up so bad I decided to destroy his whole left side. It started when I was building his head back in June I think? His left horn broke off. I cried. And now I’m back with a totally GG-fied Unicorn! What do you think of the weathering…

LOL Yeah..thats not paint :) those are actual scratch marks using my design knife gahahahahha! *goes insane*

LOL Yeah..that's not paint πŸ™‚ those are actual scratch marks using my design knife gahahahahha! *goes insane*

This is the titanium version of unicorn(yeah I know a lot of you are gonna kill me xD) but I just hated the nub marks so much. So either way I was never gonna build him anyway. This was a better alternative than to bomb him with a firecracker LOL

His right, undestroyed side

His right, undestroyed side

His totally wrecked left side

His totally wrecked left side

Badass stance

Badass stance

One-finned gundam

One-finned gundam

Thats what I call hollow minded. Apakan LOL xD

That's what I call hollow. Apakan LOL xD I actually lost the left psychoframe cheek by the way LOL

I call his weapon...the Unicorn SMG!

I call his weapon...the Unicorn SMG!

Yeah I totally fcked up the beam magnum too. Broke off the nozzle part AHHAHA This kit was a lost cause from the beginning for me xD

Yeah I totally fcked up the beam magnum too. Broke off the nozzle part AHHAHA This kit was a lost cause from the beginning for me xD

Sexy psychoframe~

Sexy psychoframe~

I feel naked..

"I feel naked.."

hurgh!!! o.O inappropriate caption I guess ahahha

hurgh!!! o.O inappropriate caption I guess ahahha

I’m not really done with him actually. His jetpack and shield are yet to be completed. But anyway I’m satisfied with the results. I don’t care if he looks ugly or not, all I wanted was to finish him off xD

Anyway here’s a backstory I made up for this guy:

The Unicorn RXN-0 was the test subject for Anaheim Electronics after Sinanju. Although no one has ever heard of the RXN-0, this was indeed Unicorn’s true predecessor. Code named Unicorn Rogue, it’s test run was to begin right before the construction of the actual RX-0 Unicorn.

When Neo Zeon found out about this test model, they devised a plan to destroy it during the test run.

When the day came, Unicorn Rogue flew off into Lagrange One for its trial. There, the Neo Zeon forces used a new device unknown to anyone to disrupt Unicorn Rogue’s internal psycommu system. As this was a prototype, the unicorn psycommu system totally burnt out and left the mobile suit vulnerable.

Panicked and unable the control the Unicorn Rogue, the test pilot ejected immediately and was safely rescued by Anaheim Electronics rescue team. Neo Zeon used one of their ship’s Hyper Mega Cannon and shot a huge beam at the vulnerable mobile suit but hit only its left side, totally destroying most of the armour panels. The force of the beam pushed Unicorn Rogue further away where it drifted off to space.

After several centuries later, Lowe Guele, pilot of the Astray Red Frame, found the Unicorn Rogue drifting peacefully close to colony that he found the Gerbera Straight in. Unable to find anything that even remotely resembles the mobile suit’s armour panel, he just took it and modded the psycommu system to enable him to work. Alas the Unicorn Rogue could finally move again but was unable to transform back to Unicorn mode. Lowe renamed this mobile suit to “Astray Rogue Unicorn DestroyED(Everlasting Design) Mode”, and made this his secondary mobile suit.

Yes, everything was totally made up and that Lowe Guele story was just totally bullshit since Univeral Century and Cosmic Era are two different universes LOL

Gahahhaha hope you guys liked it, and if you don’t then whatever. Was gonna keep him in the box forever anyway xD


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20 Responses to RXN-0 Unicorn Rogue

  1. chubbybots says:

    Probably that shot blasted the unicorn into another dimension! Kind of like super robot wars lol. Looks like you really vented a lot on this kit lol πŸ˜€ Maybe you can use some black paint and grey gundam marker and go over your scratch marks to make it look more damage ^^. Just a suggestion πŸ˜› Cheers

  2. eighteleven says:

    Hmm good suggestion. Too bad I SERIOUSLY suck at painting @_@ I’ll try it out next time though ahahha. And yeah I reaallly vented a lot on this kit xD

    And your theory of blasting unicorn into another dimension fits perfectly! I didn’t think of that. Thanks! LOL

  3. heathorn says:

    woah! IMO the difference of the destroyed side and smooth side is too much >.<

  4. eighteleven says:

    Yeah ur right T.T I’m not fully done with him yet though so I might weather more on his smooth side? xD

  5. eighteleven says:

    Oh yeah and this is my first time ever modding anything xD so it definitely shows T.T”

  6. h4mster says:

    Don’t keep him in the box just yet man πŸ˜€
    Maybe some burnt effects on the damage side will be nice! I like the concept of this one, I mean, if two-face could get half of his face destroyed, so why not a gundam?

  7. chubbybots says:

    @ h4mster thats quite a cool idea haha. Maybe I’ll try that one out ^^…but on my a smaller size kit of course πŸ˜›

  8. eighteleven says:

    I’m bad at painting so I wouldn’t know how to do any burnt effects. Maybe use a real torch?? *evil grin* LOL xD

  9. Arein says:

    I’ll be real honest with you.. Looks like a gigantic cat used the Unicorn Gundam as a scratching post.

    Seriously dude some plastic cement or super glue could’ve saved the horn you broke..

    • eighteleven says:

      Even a normal cat would be enough xD unless you’re talking if this was 1/1 scale then nvm hahahah I don’t really care much bout this nemore. Gonna get myself a normal unicorn next time. So this was just a model for me to vent on. If I wanted to fix him I would’ve done that from the start already. Just didn’t feel like fixing him since I almost literally took a hammer n destroyed the box and all of it’s contents. Blargh oh well LOL

  10. bd77 says:

    You’ve bombed a Titanium Ver Unicorn… *goes to hyper-mode*

    WHYYY~!? +_+

    p.s. the Titanium ver. cost a whopper in Malaysia…

    • eighteleven says:

      Cause I was stupid 😦
      I hated ugly black nub marks on a white unicorn @_@ but after building him I didn’t realise he didn’t look that bad so yeah I hate myself for this. Everyone can just bash me or something cos I know it’s my own fault for destroying a perfectly fine unicorn. I accept all flaming and I guess I deserve it.

  11. chubbybots says:

    Don’t get yourself beat up for something like that lol ^^. Its your kit just do whatever you want. Who knows one day you might come back and redo this kit in battle damage diorama or something πŸ˜€

  12. rockleelotus says:

    i really like that you tried this damage mode! the details could use a bit work but you took a risk to experiment and that is awesome ^^ actually because i see this kit i want to buy a unicorn and do battle damage on it as you lol if you dont want him ill take him and touch him up nicely πŸ˜›

    as chubbybots said, dont worry about what others say, its your kit after all! and not everyone is a pro builder ^^

  13. eighteleven says:

    Arein: Yeah that works too LOL xD I already fixed the horn that time before I did this to him but it broke again so I double Freaked out hahahaha

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